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Dust Guards, Saws

Blowers, Dust Socks

Grinders, Respirators, etc.



Silica Dust Extraction
Wet/Dry Models
Slurry & Sludge Extraction

Replacement Filters, Hoses, Cuffs, Separators, etc.



Slurry, Sludge, Flood Reclamation - Relocation, Filtration, Disposal.

Slurry Press Machines

--  Polymers  --
Super Absorbent


Blades, Cup Wheels
Surface Cleaning + Polishing
Coatings & Joint Sealant Removal




 Slice or Scrape
but don't grind ~

Joint Sealant
Coatings Removal
"Without Melting"

Carbide Drill Bits, Chisels, Scrapers Makita Power Tools
Drilling, Demolition, Saws, Dustless Drilling Attachments

Floor Machines --- Dust & Slurry Control
Why Use Larger & Heavier Machines?  Get Off Your Knees! 
Multi-Use Compact Portable Heavy-Duty

Abrasives & Wire Wheels


Diamonds - Cutting, Grinding, Wheels, Polishing, Cleaning, Coatings & Sealant Removal, Router Bits.

Dust Director® Diamond Products ~ Expect Excellence.


Turbo Segment Diamond Blades - Tall 15MM (1/2" +) Segment Height ~ General Purpose to Hard Material.

Masonry, Lightweight Concrete Blades
- Lowest Price Blades -
Segment & Turbo Segment
- Exceptional Value -

Black Tornado.  Our best blade for cutting through hard material ~ even stone.

Black Tornado
Hard Material Stone
#1 blade to the Largest Masonry Restoration Company in the United States - read more . . .

Joint Sealant Cutter Blades:  4-1/2", 6", 7", 8", 9" & 12".

Stellite - Joint Sealant
Slices hard and soft joint sealant from expansion joints ~ Without Melting
Does Everything You Expect!


Green Wave Blades - Our smoothest cutting blade.  A+ on general purpose to medium hard concrete, brick, stone, etc.

Green Wave Blades
- Smooth, Long Life, General Purpose -
Exceptional performance on soft to general purpose.
#2 Seller - Smooth cutting.  General purchase to X-Hard.

HD Segment Concrete / Longest Lasting Blades.

Professional Series
Hard Old Heavy Aggregate Concrete
HD Knuckle Head
All World ~ for cutting the hardest of concrete, stone or pavers, refractory. 

Professional All Cut Blade - Truly Cuts Everything + Fast Cutting and Long Life.

Professional All Cut
Built with different diamond segments for one blade to cut through concrete to asphalt.

Free 14" Makita Gas Cut-Off Saws ~ 2 & 4-Stroke. Free Makita Gas Cut-Off Saws
2 and 4-Stroke Saws

Have you considered a 4-Stroke Saw?

Need a Lightweight Powerful Saw?

Time to consider Makita?

Dry Cutting, Continuous Rim - Ceramic Tile, Marble, Granite Blades.

Continuous Rim
Tile, Granite, Marble, Porcelain, Glazed Brick


Gladiator - Professional Lazer Welded Blade for Exceptionally Hard Material.

Hardest of Materials
Gladiator & ALL WORLD
Retaining Walls, Pavers, High PSI Concrete, Refractory, Engineered Stone, Ductile, etc.


Zorro Blade - The one blade that cuts concrete, PVC pipe,  fiberglass panels, wood, metal studs and lath, etc.

Zorro - Cuts through:  Concrete, Fiberglass, Metal Studs, PVC, Wood, Plaster, Lath, Ductile, Nails
At the Same Time!


Masonry Block Supreme Laser Welded Segment Blade.

Masonry Block

Asphalt, Green Concrete


Glitter Bits - Diamond Router Bits.

Diamond Glitter Bits
Detailed grinding on mortar, concrete and granite ~ Finishes what a diamond cannot without over cuts into the adjacent brick or stone.


Abrasive Grinding Wheels - Paint & Coatings Removal.
Abrasive ZEK Discs
Fast, efficient removal of paint, glue, sealer, mastics from concrete and masonry surfaces

Concrete Grinding + Coatings Removal AND Grinding Cup Wheels.

No. 1 Seller
Optional Grit Sizes (20 - 140)

Grind, Coatings Removal
Floor Prep prior to Applying Coatings & Sealers

Rhombus Segment Diamond Cup Wheels - Coatings Removal + Fast Aggressive Concrete Removal.
Rhombus Segment
Scattered Rhombus Shaped Segments to Scarify Concrete, A+ Fast Productivity.

Coatings Removal + Grinding Cup Wheels.
Arrow Segment
Arrow segment style w/ coarse diamond grit provides very fast grinding + Coatings Removal.

Fast Removal of Concrete - Coarse 18 Grit
Very Fast Concrete Removal  + Coarse 18 Grit.
Exceptional on very hard concrete.

Coatings Removal 10" Diamond Head.
10" Grinding Head
4-Bolt Hole Pattern

Coatings Removal + Grinding

PCD Coatings Removal Cup Wheels.

PCD Cup Wheel
Removes thick epoxy, paint, coatings, mastics, hardest of acrylic sealers
- Scarify Concrete -


18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate.

18" Cup Wheel Plate
Accepts standard cup wheels
Installs onto a floor/swing machine with standard 3-tab driver.
Concrete Grinding, Coatings Removal, Scarifying

Double & Triple Sandwich Blades.

Sandwich Tuck Blades
Double & Triple-Cut Blades
For use on Medium to Extremely Hard Mortar

Solid Segment Tuck Pointing Blades.

General purpose to very hard mortar -
PA, MD & Chicago's #1 "Solid" Tuck Pointing Blade -
read more . . .

Solid Premium Tuck Pointing / Concrete Grinding 'Joint' Blades.

Solid Diamond Tucks
Masonry & Concrete
4" - 8" Diameters
1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Widths
Premium, smooth grinding, minimal chipping, long life.

Crack Chasing "V" Blades.

"V" Blades
Routing and following cracks in concrete, groove reshaping
4" - 12" Blade Sizes

Joint Widening Blades.

Joint Widening / Cleaning
Straight Edge Blades
6" - 14" Diameters
1/4", 3/8", 1/2" Widths


Resin & Semi-Metal Polishing Pads (3mm).

Diamond Polishing
Cleaning Pads

Metal lightweight grinding and coatings removal discs.

Resins, Semi-Metals, Metals ~ Velcro backing

Resin & Semi-Metal Polishing Pads (9mm).

Diamond DOT Rubber Pads - Brazed, Resin & Semi-Metal.

Heavyweight Diamonds
Diamond polishing, resins, semi-metals


Metal Grinding Tools.

3" PCD Pucks for Coatings Removal.

Heavyweight Diamonds
Metals for HD Grinding, PCD Coatings Removal


Aluminum Backing Pad, Velcro Backing, 5/8-11 Hub.

Rubber & Metal Backing Pads - Flexible, Rigid, Soft.

Backing Pad - Velcro
Rubber and metal, 4" - 7" diameter x 5/8-11 Threaded Hub

DiamaPads - 100 to 8000 Grit.

Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads - Clean & polish at the same time.

Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads
The absolute best pad in the industry to Restore, Clean, Polish & Maintain all types of floor surfaces.

Soff-Kut Blades.  Green Concrete Cutting.

Early Entry
Green concrete blades for Soff-Kut Saws


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With purchase of any (20) Diamond Blades or Cup Wheels.


Free Gifts + Free Shipping Program
With purchase of any (20) Diamond Blades or Cup Wheels.

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Free Gift Brochure ~ w/ Purchase of any 20 Diamonds.Free Gift Selections

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********** Testimonial  **********

Conversation at ICS Company:  "I am going to buy my diamonds from my diamond company and my equipment from you, but the 20 Diamond Deal makes sense . . .

 When you subtract the tool from the blade price, plus free shipping, it's really a no-brainer . . .

With your diamond prices, I now get the best in diamonds and equipment from one company.

Plus you guys know what you're talking about.  Thank you, you got my diamond business too!

Masonry Restoration Contractor, Chicago, IL





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