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Dust Guards, Saws

Blowers, Dust Socks

Grinders, Respirators, etc.



Silica Dust Extraction
Wet/Dry Models
Slurry & Sludge Extraction

Replacement Filters, Hoses, Cuffs, Separators, etc.



Slurry, Sludge, Flood Reclamation - Relocation, Filtration, Disposal.

Slurry Press Machines

--  Polymers  --
Super Absorbent


Blades, Cup Wheels
Surface Cleaning + Polishing
Coatings & Joint Sealant Removal




 Slice or Scrape
but don't grind ~

Joint Sealant
Coatings Removal
"Without Melting"

Carbide Drill Bits, Chisels, Scrapers Makita Power Tools
Drilling, Demolition, Saws, Dustless Drilling Attachments

Floor Machines --- Dust & Slurry Control
Why Use Larger & Heavier Machines?  Get Off Your Knees! 
Multi-Use Compact Portable Heavy-Duty

Abrasives & Wire Wheels


Dust Control Tools / Equipment.


Dangers of Silica Dust Exposure. Dust Control Tools / Equipment

Silica Dust and Safety Control Products

Comply with OHSA's enforcement of Silica Dust Control Law

Avoid Costly Clean-Up Expenses & Improve Your Work Environment
While Increasing Employees' Health & Safety Conditions . . .

10 Key Reasons for Purchasing a Dust Control System


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"PSU (Penn State University) has implemented their own environmental standards.  They actually have a person on site to monitor our level of silica emissions.  The difference between OSHA and PSU is that PSU is requiring us to be compliant now, not in 2017."

Masonry Restoration Contractor, Herndon, Pennsylvania

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Dust Director®Extension Cover unsnaps to cut a wall's inside corner.

Product Made in the USA.

Floor & Wall Cutting:  Pull cut along the floor or down a wall.

* An Evaluation of Silica Exposure Controls for Tuckpointing


  • 100% Blade Visibility ~ Always.Dustless Tuck Pointing, Crack Chasing, Cutting

  • Cutting Visibility - Over 99% Dust Containment Efficiency *

  • 1-5/8" Depth-of-Cut (6" blade capacity)
    Need a deeper cut with Dust Control?  See the Dust Director
    ® Cut-Off Saws (below).

  • Locks into fixed cutting positions, adjustable on the angle grinder to your way of cutting

  • Each Dust Director ships with a specific collar to fit your angle grinders.For use with Bosch, DeWalt, Fein, Hilti, Hitachi, Makita, Metabo, Milwaukee, DeWalt

- Install a Dust Director to your angle grinder -

  • Combination / Discount Packages:

- Dust Director, Angle Grinder & Vacuum Packages -


14" Gas Dust Director - Information, Pricing & Ordering.Dustless Cut-Off Saws

Product Made in the USA.Same design and features of the above 6" Dust Director (for use with 4-1/2", 5 and 6" angle grinders.)  The following Dust Director guards are for installing onto larger 7" and 9" angle grinders and gasoline cut off saws ~ To provide greater cutting depths without silica exposure.

7" Mini Dustless Cut-Off Saw, 2-1/8" Depth-of-cut plus variable speed control

7" Dust Director
2-1/8" Depth-of-Cut

10" Dust Director Cut-Off Saw.  3-1/4" Depth-of-cut.  Extremely Lightweight & Easy to Handle - Complete Blade Visibility - No Dust.

10" Dust Director
3-1/4" Depth-of-Cut

12" Dust Director Cut-Off Saw.  4-1/4" Depth-of-cut.  Lightweight - Easy to Handle - Complete Blade Visibility - No Dust.

12" Dust Director
4-1/4" Depth-of-Cut

Dust Director Guards for 14" Gas Cut-Off Saws.

14" Gas Dust Director
Installs onto Husqvarna, Stihl & Makita Gas Cut-Off Saws

Over 95% Dust Containment Efficiency ~



Product Made in the USA.Hot Rod Saws - Dustless Crack Chasing, Straight & Radius Cutting

Saw Cuts, Joint Widening, Joint Cleaning, Crack Chasing
- Joint Sealant Removal -
Why Spend Thousands on Individual Saws?

Portable, Versatile, Heavy-Duty Performance
Eliminate Multiple, Costly & Heavy Equipment . . . And Get Off Your Knees!


Dustless Crack Chasing - 4-1/2", 5" and 6" Blades.

4.5" / 6" Crack Chasing
Dustless Crack Chasing

6" Hybrid - Dustless cutting, radius and crack chasing.

6" Hybrid Hot Rod Saw
Dustless Crack Chasing AND Sawing

9" Hybrid - HD Dustless cutting, radius and crack chasing.

9" Hybrid Hot Rod Saw
Dustless Crack Chasing AND Sawing

12" Hot Rod Saw.  4-1/4" depth-of-cut dustless saw cutting.

12" Hot Rod Saw
Dustless Sawing

Over 95% Dust Containment Efficiency ~


20" High Torque Floor Grinder
18" Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate

Combination System For Concrete Grinding, Coatings Removal, Scarifying
Portable, Versatile, Low 8.4 Amp Draw Planetary Grinder
Eliminate Multiple, Costly & Heavy Equipment

. . . Get Off Your Knees & Seriously Increase Production!


20" HD Electric Multi-Use Concrete Grinder, 110 volt.

20" High Torque, Low RPM 110 Volt Grinder
With Dust Control, Solution Tank, 25 lb. Weight Plates

18" HD Alumimum Floor Plate - Accepts a wide variety of attachments including carbide scraping chips.

18" Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate
Grind Concrete, Removal Coatings, Scrub, Polish, etc.

Dustless Grinding, Coatings Removal ~ Incredible Productivity



Makita Power Tools
& Dust Guards
Makita 1" - 2" Rotary Hammers.

Makita Angle Grinders (4-1/2" - 9") & Dust Control Guards.



Click on the individual Makita products for detailed information, pricing and ordering.

  • Rotary Hammers, Angle Grinders, Polishers, Demolition Hammers &  Chisels

  • Diamond Packages:   Free Angle Grinders with purchase of Diamond Blades (9 - 20) + Free Shipping.

Makita HK1810 Power Scraper.



Makita Rotary Chipping Hammers & Dust Guards.


Makita Rotary & Chieseling Dust Guards.




Surface Dust Guards ~ 5" & 7"

Inexpensive - Only installs onto Makita Angle Grinders (but not their 7" Polisher.)

Makita 5" & 7" Surface Dust Guards.

Both guards include insert collars for installing onto a wide assortment of angle grinders, including the Makita 7" Polisher.


HD Metal Guards - To last a lifetime.  Equipped with adjustable leather skirt to ensure maximum dust control.

"Corner" Dust Guard - attached to the Makita Polisher.


Deluxe & Affordable - Lightweight, durable guards with flexible rubber diaphragm to easily follow the surface's contour while maintaining maximum dust control.

5" & 7" Deluxe Guards, 7" shown with Aluminum Loop Handle.



High CFM Industrial Blowers & Filter Bag Containment

16" & 24" Industrail Power Blowers - 0 to 15,663 CFM with a variety of accessories.


16" & 24" Power Blowers - Variable Speed CFM Controlled, 7' & 15' Silica Dust Collection Bags.The best way to control dust exposure is at its point of extraction.  However, on those situations when it just isn't possible our Industrial Power Blowers are your next best alternative . . .

  • Portable, Heavy-Duty, Versatile - Used in a variety of ways to control, ventilation & contain dust.  Extract, Contain and/or ventilate areas quickly and with complete containment of the dust

  • Disposable clear poly tubing to exhaust dust, debris and fumes.Power Blower being used to ventilate dangerous gas such as Radon, Radium Methane and Hydrogen Sulfide.Optional Accessories:  Flexible Yellow Ducting, 7' and 15' Silica Dust Collection Bags, Economical Smooth Bore HD Poly Tubing (far picture - right).



Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bags

Clean Extreme Filter Collection Bag - Installs into your Wet/Dry Vacuum Cleaner.

Clean Extreme Filter Bag installed into a vacuum canister.

Clean Extreme Filter Bags install into any vacuum cleaner that has a 2-1/2" Outside Diameter Inlet port in their tank.


Large Collection Capacity - Without filter clogging, without tearing.Are you using a Rigid or Shop-Vacuum type vacuum for your dust control?

Use our Clean Extreme Filter Bags in the vacuum and transform that $50.00 machine into a $500 Dust Control Vacuum.

Significantly improves the performance of any wet/dry vacuum - Maintains the vacuum's powerful suction until the "ultra fine powder" has accumulated to the tank's inlet port!

Large Collection Yields - Ultra fine powders continue to accumulate "in the bag" to the tank's inlet port without incurring suction loss or without the bag tearing or bursting inside the tank.

Are you using the Clean Extreme Filter Bag for vacuuming dry powders, and then you want to pickup glass, nails, tar, moist debris, even small puddles . . . Extreme Filter Bags install into wet/dry vacuums with an inlet port - Tanks stay clean, cartridge filters stay clean - even after collecting 140 lbs. of dry concrete dust.No problem ~ continue vacuuming using the same bag.

Besides maintaining suction, large collection yields, and being able to pickup dry powder, moist debris and sharp objects, even after the filter bag is completely full you'll notice that the inside of the tank is clean, the outside of the bag is clean, and your vacuum's cartridge filter is still brand new looking.



Silica Dust & Acid Gas Respirators

Silica Dust,OSHA & NIOSH Compliant, Dust Mask and Air Purifying Respirators


  • Air purifying respiratory protection from hazardous dust & acid gases

  • NIOSH approved for 42 CPR 84 Regulation

  • 2-strap cloth or half-mask respirators with HEPA efficiency, complete with replaceable cartridge filters


Full Face Shield Protection

Clear Visor Safety Shields & Head Gear Brackets.



  • Visor headgear and hardhat brackets.Clear Flat Die Cut Visor with Large Viewing Area:  8" x 15-1/2"

  • Universal slots fit most models of headgear including safety hardhats.

  • Ratchet adjustment headgear - available for a quick, easy and a perfect fit.

  • Bracket headgear - for use on hardhats is also available.


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