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21" Propane Grinder / Burnisher

Dust Director - Proudly Made in the USA.

Advanced Machine Technology - Versatile & Economical 

 — And 100% Made in the USA


21" Propane Grinder / Burnisher.

 PE420GPHD 21" Propane Grinder Burnisher

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$4,900.00      Powerful 18 HP Propane 603cc Kawasaki engine runs clean and efficient, extending engine life vs. any other engine.  3-way catalytic muffler lowers CO, HD and Nox emissions plus monitoring to protect the operator by shutting down the engine if CO levels rise – CGA listed, CARB/EPS certified, CE approved.  Model No. GPB-21HD.

>  Grinding:  11,000 ft² / hr.,  Burnishing:  25,000 ft² / hr.
>  Pad Speed:  Grinding - 1000 rpm,  Burnishing - 1500 rpm
>  Diamond & Pad Width:  22.75",  Pad Pressure:  150 lbs.  Noise Level:  89 dBa
>  Weight w/ Propane Tank:  265 lbs, with 17 lb weight plates (x 5) - 355 lbs.

Equipped as follows:  12-volt on-board battery starter, 7 gallon on board water supply, Internal "above pad" water dosing provides even floor wetting and prevents walls and merchandise from being splashed, Adjustable welded handle for improved comfort and control, Eco Sense™ Emissions Monitoring System.

American made all aluminum casting, RokBak™ deck for easy diamond and pad installation and changing.  Easy access to the filters for quick maintenance, Ergonomic clutch and finger tip on/off water flow control, Integral skirt protects surrounding merchandise, HD Diamond GPX Driver for 3" Metal & PCD Diamonds.

Spike Pad Driver for 21" Pads, DiamaPads & Rubber DOT Mats, Weight bracket & Weights - directly above the driver AND adjustable rear wheels ~ All for Maximum Head Pressure Adjustment, and a dust port to accommodate a vacuum hose when dry grinding.


Diamond Tooling
HD Concrete Grinding
Light Sanding & Polishing
Broom Finish Removal
Rip'n Tear Coatings Removal
Why Propane Power? Dare to Compare

A Head-to-Head Comparison to the Competition.



21" Propane Grinder / Burnisher.In Concrete Restoration you'll have larger jobs and smaller 900 square foot jobs that are down basement stairs . . .

To have one (1) machine to ---- Grind This, Remove That, Down There, Over Here and All of This . . .

The PE420GPHD [Grinder, Polisher & Burnisher] is that Machine — 

Designed for Maneuverability, Handles 95% of All Floor Surface Applications, is High in Productivity and may be used on All Types of Surfaces.  

Best Driver Technology in the Industry:


As you grind concrete everyone compliments on the smooth and uniform finish that the PE420GPHD produces – in the Fewest Amount of Passes and regardless of the diamond grit or hardness of the floor.


A complete range of diamond tooling is available.

Boosting an 18 HP Kawasaki Engine, HD Gear Box and the Flex-Hub Driver:  Automatically adjusts the driver to the surface to produce the maximum results (which reduces the number of passes).

PE420GPHDFast, Efficient and Extremely Easy to Operate for the User - quiet and with minimal vibration for running truer and straighter with less effort.

100% Made & Built Here in the USA with Parts that are Readily Available





The PE420GPHD Propane Grinder & Burnisher is one "Compact, Portable, Versatile and Powerful Machine.  Specifically designed to handle all applications:  Heavy-Grinding, Coatings Removal, Light Sanding, Polishing and Burnishing.

Handle Assembly - Clutch Lever and Engine Trottle.For use on Concrete, Terrazzo & Stone Floors --- ONE Machine.  ONE Solution.

·  Manageable to take down flights of stairs to handle high rates of productivity.

·  2-Speeds:  1000 RPM for Grinding, Coatings Removal & Polishing;  1500 RPM for Burnishing.

·  Includes a combination dust control / splash guard, 7 gallon water tank, adjustable rear wheels, removable weight plates to allow the operator to set the machine’s head pressure to the ideal setting.

·  Guidance Power System (GPS) provides 34% lower operational costs that any other comparable machine.

The PE420GPHDThe most versatile, user-friendly machine on the market.  Easily switch from one application to the next as you change between Metal, Semi-Metal, Resin, PCD & Pads with little down time.


3" Metal Grinding & Coatings Removal Tools.

HD Grinding & Coatings Removal

Diamond DOT Rubber Pads.

Brazed, Transitional & Resin DOT

Curing, Buffing, High Temperature Burnishing Pads

3" PCD Pucks for Coatings Removal.

PCD Discs - Coatings Removal

DiamaPads - Cleaning & Polishing




Whole Foods store, New York.Superior HD Grinding, Light Sanding, HD Coatings Removal, Polishing, Burnishing
Across all type of floors:  

·  Old, Worn, Dirty and Damage Concrete & Stone Floors
  Hard, Troweled Floors
·  Hard, Polished Floors that need Restored
·  And Well Maintained Floors that Simply need Burnished.

No other machine or technology can match the ability, finish or productivity of the PE420GPHD – Wet and Dry Use.



The AFFORDABLE, ONE MACHINE SOLUTION - For Multiple Applications

Concrete, Terrazzo, Marble, Tile:


Handles 95% of Floor Restoration Projects:  Surface Prep, Grinding, Leveling, Polishing, Burnishing, Coatings Removal


From 900 Square Feet (Residential Garage) Projects to Large Warehouse Floors - The PE420GPHD is compact, an all-in-one, portable, HD machine - completely capable of handling 95% of Floor Restoration AND Maintenance Projects.

Easy Handling ~ Feels, Handles, Operates like an Auto Scrubber . . .

Very smooth, Easy to control, Extremely Portable




PE420GPHD Grinder, Polisher, Burnisher –

Heavy-Duty Grinding or Light Sanding, Polishing, Burnishing, or Coatings Removal

21" diameter Diamond DOT Rubber Pads.For light grinding, light coatings removal and sanding, besides providing incredible longer life, the Rubber Matt DOT’s are recommended.  But unlike similar propane polishers and burnishers, the design of the Shine-On 21" Propane Machine isn’t to just "preserve the thin 1/8" layer of harden troweled concrete."


Weight Plates (5) & Steel Dust / Splash Guard.Realizing the need for a machine to be portable but highly productive, the 21" Propane Powered Grinder / Burnisher is a belt-driven, walk-behind machine that is used to Remove Coatings and Restore Unfinished, Old, Worn and Damaged Surfaces.

Additionally, its "fine" Head Pressure" adjustment features (see below) - that actually does preserve the harden trowel finish - was designed and built around the principal of having the machine equipped with the necessary Heavy-Duty and High Torque Power to take Heavy Stock & Coatings Removal Projects.


Likewise, the GPX Steel Diamond Driver enables you to use 3" Metal and PCD Diamonds to Level Floors or to grind "Beyond the Damage" and to Slice through Heavy & Difficult to Remove Coatings & Sealers — all with this Compact but Extremely Powerful & Versatile One Solution Machine.

GPX Diamond Driver.

GPX Driver Plate

Velcro back plus bolted 3" metal diamond discs.

Installing 3" Metal Diamonds

6 Metal or PCD Diamonds per GPX Driver Plate.

Installing 3" Metal Diamonds

3" PCD Pucks for Coatings Removal.

3" PCD for Coating Removal

GPX Driver Technology - Provides a smoother consistent surface with fewer passes by following the contours of the hard floor surface.  For use with 3" diamond tools.






Featuring a 603cc engine from Kawasaki

Grinding, Polishing, Burnishing
Coatings Removal
Versatile Applications.

For Concrete, Marble, Terrazzo, VCT, etc.

Emission Monitoring System

Operating Cost



Handle Assembly.

Handle Assembly.Solution Control Switch (picture, left).  The solution control switch controls the pump that pumps solution from the tank to the floor.  Start: Press the right side of the switch.  Stop: Press the left side of the switch.

Handle Assembly - Clutch Lever and Engine Trottle.Clutch Switch Lever (picture, right).  When squeezed the driver pad will turn.  The pad will not turn until the lever is engaged.  Only one side of the lever requires engagement at one time, allowing the user to alternate hands during operation.




Engine Trottle Lever, 3 adjustment speeds:  Idle, 1000 & 1500 rpm.Engine Throttle (pictures, right and top right - lever with yellow rubber cap).  The machine is equipped with a throttle with three positions:

·  1st position, is idle
·  2nd position, to grind and polishing @ 1000 rpm
·  3rd position, strictly for burnishing @ 1500 rpm.




Head Pressure - Fine tune adjustments to increase or decrease down pressure.


* Important *  Besides the versatile features of having two speeds for grinding, polishing and burnishing, and of adding weight plates to increase or decrease "head pressure" (directly above the driver - exactly where it is needed), you're also able to adjust the machine's rear wheels to provide the exact down pressure the application may need. - - - "One Machine.  One Solution."

Procedure:  In the roll-back position (with the grinder tilted backwards and resting on its T-handle), you see that there are two (2) wheel locations - each with two (2) holes.  The front location is for burnishing, the rear location (closer to the T-handle) is for grinding.

In the forward hole, the driver plate will be laying perfectly flat to the floor.  In the rear hole, head pressure is further increased by angling the driver plate to a 4 o'clock position on the floor.

Rear Wheel Adjustment - Further 2 holes (rear), for grinding.Rear Wheel Adjustment - Front 2 holes (towards front of machine), for polishing and burnishing.Burnish Position:  Front location (picture, right), front and rear holes.

Grinding Position:  Rear location (picture, far right), front and rear holes.





Weight Plates (5) & Steel Dust / Splash Guard.Weight Plates & Wheel Settings.  Before beginning any project you always start with the wheels in the rear holes and use no weights.  If you feel more down pressure is needed, add the weight plates as needed for increased head pressure.  For coatings removal, if the surface is tacky, you may improve results by using less weights and positioning the wheels in the front holes.





PE420GPHD Grinder, Polisher, Burnisher – Diamond Tooling

The following diamonds are used with the PE420GPHD Machine.


Before you Polish you may have to Grind, and before you Grind you may have to Prep the Floor which includes removing Old Floor Coverings, Underlayment, Thinset, Glue, Paint, Adhesives or Epoxy Coatings.

After the floor has been prepared (coatings or sealers have been removed), you'll proceed Transform the Floor by Diamond Grinding.  Diamond Grinding is the most aggressive stage of preparing concrete for polishing or applying epoxy coatings, stains or dyes.  Metal Bond Diamond Discs are used to cut or grind the concrete down.  NOTE:  You only want to grind enough concrete to be just beneath the damage that is on the floor.  Grinding too much concrete is unnecessary and costly for both material and labor.

Metal Grinding
Coatings Removal

Metal Grinding Tools.

Wet or Dry Use

Installing 3" Metal Diamonds.3" Segmented Grinding Disc, Medium Bond - Professional Grade, Velcro Backing + Bolt-On Fastening.

•  Long Life, Aggressive Grinding
•  For use on hard trowel surfaces, broom finishes, epoxy or mastic cover floors
•  Medium bond, XL Life (30,000 - 50,000 sq. ft) 
•  Specifically designed for use with the PE420GPHD
Six (6) PCD Pucks per GPX Driver (the GPX Driver is included with the PE420GPHD).

Item No Size Description Ea   Item No Size Description Ea
MG316 3", 16 Grit, 5 Segments $80.00
  MG370 3", 70 Grit, 10 Segments $95.00
MG330 3", 30 Grit, 10 Segments $95.00
  MG3120 3", 120 Grit, 10 Segments $95.00


Purchase your above selection(s) and click the Buy Now button to add your item(s) to the Shopping Cart.



PCD Pucks - Rip'n Tear . . . 

If the coating or sealer is thick, hard or too soft, PCD Diamonds are used to "slice" the material from the floor.  If the above 16 Grit Metal Diamond Discs is not removing the coating, the following PCD Pucks will.

Coatings Removal

3" PCD Pucks for Coatings Removal.

Dry Use

•  Dry Use – Fast efficient removal of coatings, adhesives, tar, paint, epoxy & acrylic coatings & sealers, etc.
•  Long Life - PCD Segments are compressed diamonds that are by designed harder than traditional construction diamond. Thus, instead of grinding they are used to slice beneath the coating type materials to remove the material instead of grinding it which produces friction heat that causes the material to melt.
•  For use on hard troweled surfaces, broom finishes, damaged floors, etc.
Six (6) PCD Pucks per GPX Driver.

P/N:  PCDPR01 . . . . . Price: $98.00 ea         



21" Rubber Mat Diamond Dots
Light Sanding, Coatings Removal, Polishing

Diamond DOT Rubber Pads.

Wet or Dry Use

DOT Rubber Mats provide the Deepest and Longest Lasting Polish - Longest lasting diamond, lowest cost per square foot (10,000 - 65,000 ft²).

Maybe used instead of the above Metal 3" Diamond Discs if the floor is not damaged or heavy grinding is not required.  The following Semi-Metal Diamonds are used after the Metal 3" Diamond Discs are used, followed by the Resin Bonded Diamonds. 

Vacuum Brazed, Semi-Metal & Resin Bonded Diamonds - grit sizes:  30 - 3000

•  For use on Concrete, Terrazzo & Marble Floors.  Semi-Metal & Resin Bonded Diamonds are  
•  Simple Installation:  Installs onto the 21" Spike Pad Driver (molded pad  w/ hundreds or individual hooks or spikes (included with the PE420GPHD). 
Prior to installing, the High Density Backing Pad (white pad, below) is place onto the Spike Pad Driver, then the Rubber Mat. 

Item No Size Description Ea   Item No Size Description Ea
Vacuum Brazed DOT - Very Aggressive.  For Coatings Removal, to level broom finishes, or to grind damaged (pitted floors).  Prepares the surface for floor coatings by etching the surface.  Least aggressive than metal diamond discs.
DOT-30B 21", 50 Grit - Black $378.00

  DOT-100B 21", 100 Grit - Black $378.00


Semi-Metal DOT - Medium Aggressive.  For the initial to Secondary Grinding of new or previously unfinished floors - no broom or pitted surfaces.

Depending on the initial condition of the floor, the following Semi-Metal Diamonds are used.  Semi-Metal Diamond Pads actually start the polishing process as they begin to close the pores of the floor.  These Semi-Metal Diamonds are generally used before Resin Pads or after rough grinding with Metal Bond Diamond Discs.  Semi-Metal Diamonds, with their various grit sizes, offer all the benefits of a Smooth Resin Diamond Pads but the advantages of longer life and the aggressiveness associated with Metal Bond Diamonds.  After rough grinding with Metal Diamonds the scratch pattern cannot be removed by a Resin pad, Semi-Metal Diamonds provide the transition to Resin Diamonds.

DOT-30S 21", 30 Grit - Lime $248.00

  DOT-50S 21", 50 Grit - Green $248.00

DOT-100S 21", 100 Grit - Black $248.00

  DOT-200S 21", 200 Grit - Red $248.00

DOT-400S 21", 400 Grit - Mustard $248.00


Resin DOT - Least Aggressive.  For the initial to Final Polishing of smooth floors.

Diamond Polishing is the term used when Resin Bond Diamond Pads are used.  After the surface has been totally cleaned and smooth Resin Diamonds are used.  While Resin Diamonds are designed to abrade the scratches left behind from Semi-Metal or Transitional Diamond Pads, if the floor is clean and smooth they may be used to start your polishing project.  

With the diamonds exposed on the surface of a Resin Bond Diamond, deep scratches are quickly sanded away by the diamonds that are suspended within the plastic matrix.  The plastic matrix is what gives the resin pads their less aggressive nature or polishing capability.  While it is true you can hone with a coarse resin pad, they are not really designed for this task as they will quickly wear under this circumstance.

As you progress through the series of Resin Diamond Pads, increasing to the finer grits, the pores of the concrete are progressively closed to ultimately result in a mirror-like finish.  The multi-step process provides you with the flexibility to choose how many steps you want to achieve the desired finish.

Typically, you start with a 50 coarse grit (Semi-Metal) and proceed as you would with your regular floor cleaning routine.  After a few passes, you progress to the next grit.  By the time you reach the end of the process, the floor will transform into a beautiful, smooth and polished surface.  The multi-step process provides the flexibility for you to decide how many steps you want.  Depending on the type of floor and its initial condition, as well as the machine's down pressure and speed, the progression to finer grits, and the number of passes you make with each grit depends on the level of gloss you wish to obtain.

Each Diamond Grit has it purpose.  There are three basic finishes for polished concrete surfaces:

Low-Stain Finish (400 - 600 grit)  *  Medium-Gloss (800 grit) High-Gloss (1500 -3000 grit).


DOT-400Y 21", 400 Grit - Yellow $215.00

  DOT-800W 21", 800 Grit - White $215.00

DOT-1800B 21", 1800 Grit - Blue $215.00

  DOT-3000G 21", 3000 Grit - Gray $215.00


Back-up & Polishing / Burnishing Pads
Gentle Polishing / High Density Cushion Pad

High Density Backup Pad (for DOT pads) for gentle polishing.

Placed between the Rubber DOT Pad and the Rigid Spike Driver to provide a cushion (the Rigid Spike Driver is included with the PE420GPHD.)  This same cushion pad may also be used as the softest pad available to gently burnish soft finishes to a high shine.

P/N:  PD3LWL21 (pack of 5) . . . . . $30.00         

High Temperature (HT) Burnishing Pad

HT Burnishing Pad.

A Power Polishing or Burnishing Pad for use with Shine-On Iron Shield and Stellar Guard Treatments.  This "curing" pad is used to improve heat build-up for a faster, high gloss during high speed burhishing.

P/N:  HT2100 (pack of 5) . . . . . $108.00         




DiamaPads - Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads (DIP)

DiamaPads.  As diamond technology advances many are raving how diamond impregnated floor pads (DIP) can be used to clean and actually increase a floor's shine.  Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads are for use on the following hard floor surfaces:  concrete, terrazzo, marble, VCT, etc. (not wood).

Diamond Impregnated Pads are basically hair pads impregnated with a resin and diamond mixture.  Besides cleaning, DIP’s help to remove the everyday scratches and to keep a floor looking fresh.  However, all DIP's are not the same . . . 


The ICS DiamaPads are the only DIP in the world that contains both diamonds and Ferron®, which is the only substance that can scratch a diamond.  Likewise, if your floor is considered Stage 2 (smooth, minimal or no scratches, just worn badly or dirty), DiamaPads may be the easiest, simplest, safest and fastest diamond for you to start, finish and to maintain a Stage 2 Floor - remember, you only want to grind just beneath the damage and DiamaPads help you from possibly grinding too much.


From 100 to 8000 grit, DiamaPads provide exceptional performance and durability - outperforming & outlasting any other DIP by at least 3:1.  As long as coatings, sealers have been removed from the surface and its surface is smooth (no broom finishes, cracks or scratches), DiamaPad's will not only sand and polish but you’ll be able to use the same pads to maintain the floor’s cleanliness and shine.  

If an existing polished surface has lost its luster, DiamaPads are thee diamond product to try before using a more aggressive Resin or Semi-Metal diamond to restore the floor’s finish. And once restored, DiamaPads are thee pad to use to make use that losing the sheen doesn’t happen again AND IT SHOULDN’T!

For additional diameters (possibly for your other machines), go to the DiamaPad page or < Click Here >


Diameter Black
DiamaPad - Black, 100 Grit, Aggressive.
DiamaPad - Orange, 200 Grit, Very Coarse.
Very Coarse
DiamaPad - Red, 500 Grit, Coarse.
DiamaPad - Blue, 1000 Grit, Medium.

DiamaPad - Green, 3000 Grit, Very Fine.
Very Fine

Ultra Fine
21" $63.00









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bulletCredit Card - ICS accepts Master Card, Visa, Discover
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Propane Power.  Why Propane?

20 lb. Propane Tank.Take Advantage of Safe, Clean and Efficient Propane Power.

Propane powered machines give you virtually unlimited run time!

Battery powered and corded machines can’t say that!  Battery powered machines are limited by a 3 to 4 hour run-time on a single battery charge while corded machines are restricted by the location of electric outlets and cabling.  With these types of machines, considerable down-time comes from charging batteries and moving cables.  By contrast, a  propane machines only down-time is during the fuel cylinder exchange.  Propane machines are not hampered by electric cabling and they can move quickly throughout any facility.



Propane powered machines give you more productivity in less time!

Propane machines can deliver more than 6 times as much horsepower as other comparable electric machines.  And unlike battery powered machines, that horsepower doesn’t diminish as the battery drains.  Combined with the increased pad pressure, propane powered machines can deliver a higher levels of productivity with less effort and in less time.  That translates into increased profits as well as a cleaner and healthier working environment.


Propane powered machines give you cleaner and greener results!

Electric and battery powered machines typically depend on electricity generated from coal fired power plants - a major contributor of green house gases and acid rain.  Propane is a cleaner fuel that - when burned - produces mainly carbon dioxide and water.  Any harmful by-products are held to very safe levels with specialized carburetion and catalytic converters that meet strict indoor air requirements from OSHA.  Plus, the PE420GPHD Machines is equipped with the exclusive Eco Sense® Monitoring System ensuring machine operators and building occupants remain healthy and safe at all times.

Eco Sense® Emission Monitoring System.  The only technology in the floor care industry that automatically shuts the engine down BEFORE emissions can reach unsafe levels.  If the machine air intake is clogged, the air-to-fuel ratio is off (improper filling of the propane tank) or the machine runs unattended, Eco Sense® will automatically turn off the engine before a minor problem can turn serious.  And the Eco Sense® monitoring will continues after shutdown to ensure that the problem is corrected before the engine can start again.


Tachometer, placed below the throttle.IMPORTANT:  When filling your propane tank, it is important to bleed (empty the tank) prior to attaching it to the grinder.  When bleeding, if a white mist (a liquid) appears, continue to bleed (purge) the cylinder until there is no white mist. 

HOW EFFECTIVE is ECO SENSE?  If the propane tank was improperly filled (the tank wasn't purged before filling and the white mist is evident), the grinder WILL NOT HAVE POWER (Torque).  Just as important, because of the improper fuel/air mix ratio, Eco Sense will prevent the mixture from going to and damaging the engine.

NOTE:  If such a situation would occur, you'll notice that the tachometer (picture) will not be showing high enough RPM.  This is your notice to purge the propane cylinder to correct the propane mixture so the necessary RPM's can be achieved. 




The Best Propane Power . . . vs. any other propane grinder!

Power and Performance at a Fraction of the Cost.
More Powerful.  More Efficient.  More Affordable.


"3-for-3" Spark Plug.Save More Than 34% in Operating Costs vs. Any Other Propane Powered Floor Machine.  

Propane power eliminates cords, pigtails, having to make a friend with an electrician, or having to purchase a pull-along generator for this size of machine.

The PE420GPHD propane powered engine runs cooler, smoother and more efficient.  Those facts acts add up to tremendous savings that can help you pay for the machine even before the warranty runs out!

* Two years of operation is estimated by assuming the equipment is operated 5 hours per night, 6 nights per week for 50 weeks per year (3000 hours).


Total Cost of Oil, after 3000 hours of operation

PE420GPHD propane engine requires an oil change every 50 hours.  Other engines require an oil change every 30 hours.   Based on 1.8 quarts of oil per oil change, PE420GPHD engines reduce oil costs by 40%. 

Total Cost of Oil Filters, after 3000 hours of operation

PE420GPHD propane engine requires an oil change every 50 hours.  Other engines require an oil change every 30 hours.   Based on replacing one oil filter for each oil change, PE420GPHD engines save you 40% in oil filter costs. 

Total Fuel Costs, after 3000 hours of operation

On average, the PE420GPHD propane engine uses 3.25 lbs. of propane per hour.  Other propane engines burn 4.92 lbs. / hr.  Based on these consumption rates, the PE420GPHD engine reduces fuel costs by 34%.

Total Operating Costs, after 3000 hours of operation

When compared to other machines in its class, the PE420GPHD propane engine reduces total operating costs by more than 34%.




Dare to Compare.  A head-to-head comparison to competitive machines.

Affordable.  Dependable.  Efficient.  Hall mark traits of the PE420GPHD 21" HD Grinder / Burnisher.

Having one of these qualities is difficult to attain, all three is what separates the PE420GPHD from the competition.

Other machines may look like ours but none of them have the fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs.  Complete made in the USA with parts that are readily available - Try getting that from any other machine . . .

Burnishing a retail store.Quiet with less vibration, the PE420GPHD runs truer, straighter and with less effort.  These features aren’t easy to see but they are very apparent during the tireless, late night hours of operation when service technicians aren't there (and fast asleep.)

The quality of the
PE420GPHD is validated daily in the service shop where technicians continually help maintain 20 year old machines that are still performing in supermarkets, schools and with retailers and facility personnel around the world.

PE420GPHD Machine was developed for flooring professionals by flooring professionals.  Beyond the design and efficiency, the 21" Grinder / Burnisher
is extremely easy to operate.



Product Made in the USA.Engineered for Simplicity.  Manufactured to Last.


21" Propane Grinder / Burnisher.


vs. Nilfisk Advance PBU

Nilfisk Advance PBU

Onyx Solutions - Blue Sky

Onyx Solutions - Blue Sky


Onyx Solutions - Black Diamond

Onyx Solutions - Black Diamond

Cost Comparisons PE420GPHD Nilfisk Onyx - Blue Sky Onyx - Black Diamond
Fuel Consumption (20 lb. tank), Hours 6.15 4.06
2 hours LESS production time!
81 minutes LESS production time!

81 minutes LESS production time!

Oil Change Interval, Hours 50 20
60% MORE oil changes!
50% MORE oil changes!
50% MORE oil changes!
Annual Fuel Costs $1,105.67 $1,678.56
Over $500 MORE in fuel cost!
Almost $800 MORE in fuel cost!
Almost $800 MORE in fuel cost!
Annual Oil Change Costs $795.60 $2,055.30
Over $1200 MORE in oil changes!
Over $800 MORE in oil changes!
Over $800 MORE in oil changes!
Annual Operating Costs (Fuel + Oil) $1,901.27 $3,733.86
Over $1800 MORE in operating costs!
Over $1100 MORE in operating costs!
Over $1100 MORE in operating costs!
Country Made In USA Taiwan
Good luck with parts and service!
Good luck with parts and service!
Good luck with parts and service!
More Feature Comparisons        
Carbon Monoxide Emissions (idle) 20-30 ppm 30,300 ppm
1000 Times MORE CO during engine idle!
300 ppm
10 Times MORE CO during engine idle!
300 ppm
10 Times MORE CO during engine idle!
Carbon Monoxide Emissions (operating) 20-30 ppm 13,000 ppm
400 Times MORE CO during operation!
100 ppm
3 Times MORE CO during operation!
100 ppm
3 Times MORE CO during operation!
Operator Face Temperature (degrees above ambient) 1.4 - 1.9 ºF 3.0 - 6.5 ºF
TWICE AS HOT for the operator!
12.0 ºF
TWICE AS HOT for the operator!
12.0 ºF
TWICE AS HOT for the operator!

Costs are determined with the following estimates:  Machine is used 2 hours per night, 6 nights per week, 52 weeks per year.  Oil filter costs $10 and the oil costs $3.50 per quart.  The labor rate to change the oil is $50.00 per oil change.  

Cost determine with the following estimates:  The machine is used 2 hours per night, 6 nights per week, 52 weeks per year.  The propane costs $2.32 per gallon.




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