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Dust Guards, Saws

Blowers, Dust Socks

Grinders, Respirators, etc.



Silica Dust Extraction
Wet/Dry Models
Slurry & Sludge Extraction

Replacement Filters, Hoses, Cuffs, Separators, etc.



Slurry, Sludge, Flood Reclamation - Relocation, Filtration, Disposal.

Slurry Press Machines

--  Polymers  --
Super Absorbent


Blades, Cup Wheels
Surface Cleaning + Polishing
Coatings & Joint Sealant Removal




 Slice or Scrape
but don't grind ~

Joint Sealant
Coatings Removal
"Without Melting"

Carbide Drill Bits, Chisels, Scrapers Makita Power Tools
Drilling, Demolition, Saws, Dustless Drilling Attachments

Floor Machines --- Dust & Slurry Control
Why Use Larger & Heavier Machines?  Get Off Your Knees! 
Multi-Use Compact Portable Heavy-Duty

Abrasives & Wire Wheels


Vacuums  >    Slurry DeWatering - Products for Collection, Relocation, Absorption, Disposal.


Vacuuming Concrete Slurry.Waste Water, Fluid, Slurry, Sludge -

 · Recovery, Handling, Separation

 · Pump-Out, Solidification, Disposal



Liquid & Slurry Waste ~ Collection, Absorbent & Disposal

- 4 Types -
 Super Absorbent Polymers 
- 3 Types -
Mudhen - Portable, Compact Slurry Press Machines.

Portable Slurry Press Machines

2-Motor Slurry Pump-Out Vacuum - with containment & separation of solids.

Extraction, Separation & Pump-Out

2-Motor Barrel Adaptor for 55 Gallon Drums - Wet Extraction.

Slurry Solidify - Water.  Absorbent to quickly absorb fresh water waste such as concrete slurry.

HSALT - High Salt Content

SYNERGY - Catch-all Absorbent, for use when slurry contains a wide mix of liquids

SOLIDIFY - Fresh water slurries.

Using a Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) as an absorbent expands the volume & weight of the sludge or slurry "by less than 1%". 

Basically, "what you see is what you get" (i.e. the expansion or swelling is not noticeable.)

By not increasing your volume you substantially decrease handling, transportation and landfill cost.




70% of the World is Covered by Water . . .

80% of the Population Lives Near Water . . .

Our world of water.

When discussing the scientific and political ramifications about the health of our planet, the whole topic can easily go beyond our grasp . . .

How fast is the climate changing? Exactly what effect can we as humans have?

As scientists continue to study the effects of climate change and as the media reports on pollution, extinction and the myriad ways that we as humans are destroying our planet . . .

Given the dismal reality it can be tempting to throw our hands up and assume we can’t do anything to improve the situation.

In reality, how we threat our planet Earth involves trillions of little decisions by billions of individuals.  The following products are for those of us who want to help our planet.

Chemical Solutions and Machines for Environmental Remediation Projects.

While helping to cut your own waste processing and disposal costs . . .




Slurry, Wet Extraction, Separation & Pump-Out Machines

- Click on the following Machines for Detailed Information, Pricing & Ordering -

2-Motor Slurry Pump-Out Vacuum - with containment & separation of solids.Sump & "Slurry" Vacuum.  Collecting and containing debris and sludge has never been easier or more cost effective.

With the SV-2000 Sump & Slurry Filtration Vacuum, chips and finer debris (sludge) are efficiently collected and contained while gray water or filtered fluids are returned for reuse or relocation.

Debris particles down to 200 microns are captured and the filtered liquid is easily and automatically discharged for recycling or disposal by the internal sump pump.


Sump Vacuums - 24 gallon tank models w/ 30" Floor Squeegee attached.30" Floor Squeegee.  Using an Auto Scrubber to Extract Concrete Slurry?

Save yourself thousands plus save your auto scrubber as well.

Use the best 30" Floor Squeegee on the market and attach it to either of our 24 gallon tank vacuums --- Sump & "Slurry" (top) or Sump & Sludge (below).


2-Motor Barrel Adaptor for 55 Gallon Drums - Wet Extraction.Powerful 2-Motor Heavy Sludge / Pump-Out Vacuum.Sump & "Sludge" Vacuums.  Using the same 2-Motor Power Head as the above Sump & Slurry Vacuum, the Power Head is placed on a either a 55 gallon drum or the 24 gallon polyethylene tank.

This type of wet extraction setup is typically used when greater solids and liquid collection capacities are required.  This setup also provides faster extraction and discharge operations.

When the containers are full, the Power Head is easily removed and the submersible pump (with its 24' of 1-1/2" drain hose) is lowered into container.  While these no-nonsense, no-frills Sump & Sludge Vacuums will impressively extracts volumes of liquid waste and the heaviest of sludge, just as impressive is the submersible pump that discharges the "heaviest" of sludge at 60 gallons per minute.


28", Gansow Auto Scrubbers - CT 180 RPM Auto Scrubber.180 & 600 RPM Automatic Floor Scrubbers.

CT (Clean Time) Scrubber - Speed traditional auto scrubber @ 180 RPM

ECS (Economical Cleaning System) Scrubber - Two Speed Auto Scrubber:  180 and 600 RPM.

180 RPM:  Used for traditional scrubbing and extraction

600 RPM:  The advantages of using the 600 RPM are as follows:

  • Cleans AND polishes a floor at the SAME Time
  • While doing so, the floor's shine increases 3 times vs. using a traditional auto scrubber that is spinning at 180 rpm
  • The increase in speed offsets (reduces) the consumption of water and chemicals 80% - 90%
  • With less water being used and collected, your labor time to complete the job is reduced  30% - 50% simply because you are NOT refilling and emptying the machine nearly as often (80% - 90% less).

Either series, CT or ECS, provides 120,000 sq. ft. of scrubbing and extraction on a single 6 hour charge.  The difference, with an ECS - spinning at 600 RPM - labor time is reduced by 30 - 50%!


Mudhen - Portable, Compact Slurry Press Machines.Mudhen Logo - Slurry Compression / Filtration Machines.Slurry Press Machines (4) ~ "A Wet/Dry Vacuum on Steroids."  Professionally, "Portable Waste Water Treatment Plant on Wheels."  

Using an above average air compressor, these air driven machines perform as follows:

  • Placed next to the container of slurry, from a 55 gallon drum, holding tank, pit or even a lake)
  • The 10' intake hose is placed in the container (schedule 80 PVC pipe may also be used for longer extensions)
  • As the Mudhen extracts the slurry, the debris is thoroughly separated, contained, and dropped into solid caked plates;  and crystal clear water is automatically being discharged for recycling or disposal.

Applications:  Concrete slurry from grinding and polishing on-site projects, ready-mix concrete plants, granite fabrication shops, car wash filtering applications, manufacturing, earth drilling cuttings, service industries such as cooking oils and food waste, etc.  

"Mini" - Mudhen Slurry Press Portable Machine.Filtering, separating and disposal has never been easier, more convenient or faster.  100% Made in the USA with parts readily available (from your local plumbing or auto parts store.)

Once the processing station has been setup and is commencing the machines operate by themselves - they can be left unattended with no harm being done to the machine nor the work area even when the filter collection plates are full (you'll hear the machine's pump gulping, until you turn it off.)



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