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Floor Machines --- Dust & Slurry Control
Why Use Larger & Heavier Machines?  Get Off Your Knees! 
Multi-Use Compact Portable Heavy-Duty

Abrasives & Wire Wheels

Floor Machines  >  Diamonds  >  Sealant Removal  >  Dust Control  >  Floor Grinder & Attachment Plate.


20" High Torque, Low RPM Floor "Grinder".


Get Off Your Knees

20" Heavy-Weight Multi-Use Floor Grinder

Product Made in the USA.Product Made in the USA.18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate

Multi-Function / Heavy-Duty Use

For All Surfaces:  Concrete, Marble, Vinyl, Steel

Grind, Sand, Polish, Scarify, Maintain, Clean, Scrub
---  Incredible @ Coatings Removal, Scarifying  --- 

18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate - uses 4.5" to 7" cup wheels.

18" HD Alumimum Floor Plate - Accepts a wide variety of attachments including carbide scraping chips.

Seriously Increase Production!

2-Component Combination --- Simple, Economical, Incredible Productivity.


Concrete Floor Resurfacing & Maintenance System.  Whether your business is resurfacing, facility maintenance or DIY, the 110 Volt High Torque Grinder & Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate will not only transform the floor but you'll use the same equipment to maintain it.

20" High Torque, Low RPM Floor "Grinder".

20" High Torque Low RPM
110 Volt Grinder

18" HD Alumimum Floor Plate - Accepts a wide variety of attachments including carbide scraping chips.

18" Multi-Attachment
Cup Wheel Plate

Used Together ~ Expect to Grind 1000 ft˛ of Concrete per Hour

Guaranteed Fast . . . After purchasing one machine and seeing the productivity for themselves, depending on the project it is not uncommon that multiple machines are purchased within a week (this happens frequently.)

Dust Director - Proudly Made in the USA.Learn more about the ICS 20" Indestructible & High Productivity Surface Prep / Maintenance System


Information, Pricing, Ordering:

20" Floor Grinder -  Multi-Use Versatility / Low 160 RPM.  Includes 75 lbs. of weight plates, slurry/dust shroud, and operates from a 8.4 amp draw planetary motor.

Grinder - Accessories - Scrub Brushes, Velcro Pad Drivers, Weight Plates, Water Feed Kit, Pads, etc.



18" Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate -  Accepts a wide variety of cup wheels to grind, scarify and to remove coatings;  resin and semi-metal diamond pads and discs to polish and restore finishes;  or install the carbide cutters to scarify concrete or to remove rubber or thicker coatings.

Plate - Accessories - Threaded Studs, Replacement Hardware, Carbide Cutters.




20" HD Grinder & 18" Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate

From Heavy-Duty Grinding to the Absolute Best System for Coatings Removal

Then used to Maintain, Clean & Polish the floor . . .


20" Floor Grinder & 18" Plate

Used together to handle every single type of flooring project.


For use on a Wide Variety of Surfaces and Tasks:  Restoration, Grinding, Coatings Removal, Polishing, General Cleaning with Pads and Scrub Brushes, etc.

  • General maintenance - scrubbing, cleaning, stripping floors

  • Polish with diamond impregnated, resin & standard floor pads

  • Attach the carbide scraper chips to remove thicker coatings such as rubber, tar and ice . . . or to scarify the floor

  • Use the wide assortment of diamond cup wheels to grind, remove coatings, begin the polishing process, prepare the floor for coating adhesion

  • Or use the knotted wire cup brushes to clean steel decks, concrete forms, helicopter landing pads, etc.

18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate accepts any type of cup wheel, resin polishing pad, or carbide scraping chip.

18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate - With (6) 5" x 20 Grit S-Segment Cup Wheels installed.



20" ICS Floor Machine:


20" HD Concrete Floor Grinder w/ included Dust Skirt, Splash Guard, Solution Tank.

20" High Torque Low RPM
120 volt Floor Grinder


The strongest 120 Volt Floor Machine on the Market - Period.

Whatever the job - whenever you need a tool to handle the toughest of jobs - the ICS 20" Floor Grinder is the best.


Grind, Sand, Scrub, Maintain, Clean, Polish -- Transform, Restore, Prepare --

Remove Thick Tar, 2-part Epoxies, Hard Acrylic Sealers  --

For use on All Types of Hard Floor Surfaces including Vinyl, Wood, Plastic, Concrete, Stone, Steel.

$1,980.00         Item No.  CFG-20

Possibly be best floor machine in the world.  Built Tough.  Guaranteed to Last.  While specifically designed for HD Grinding and Coatings Removal, you'll also Scrub, Clean, Polish, and Sand with the Same Machine.

Product Made in the USA.100% Made in the USA
--- With Parts & Service that are Readily Available.
 ~  Consider that vs. any imported machine . . .


"At ICS we don't like to fix things and we believe you don't either.  And when the need arises, its nice to know we have the replacement part.  But in reality, this machine lasts."



Specifically Designed & Heavy-Duty Equipped

Ready to roll right out of the box . . . each grinder is individually tested & prepared before it leaves our store.


  • 115 Volt, 1.5 HP TEFC AC Dual Capacitor Motor, totally sealed from dust and moisture contamination

  • Low 8.4 Amp Draw, 165 RPM

  • 11:1 Triple Idler Planetary Steel Helical-Cut Gear Drive with Solid Steel Drive Shaft - Virtually an indestructible gear box for superior strength and longevity ~ An especially important feature for high torque grinding and coatings removal projects.

  • Additionally the all steel construction gear box provides superior strength 

  • 12/3 x 50' HD Electrical Cord

  • Weight:  125 lbs. (without weight plates)

  • With horseshoe weight studs (2) to accept the 25 lb. horseshoe weight plates (3)

  • 4 gallon solution tank, combination dust control / splash guard with 2" vacuum hose port.

  • Complete with universal 3-Tab Driver for using standard 18" brushes and 19" pad drivers.

  • UL & CUL Approved. 




Handles any Extreme Situation ~ Guaranteed.

With HD Performance and Smooth Operation that is Truly Unbeatable - the #CFG-20 is especially suited for Marble, Concrete, Floor Scraping, Sanding, Coatings Removing, HD Grinding -

20" HD Concrete Floor Grinder w/ included Dust Skirt, Splash Guard, Solution Tank.Multi-Surface, Multi-Use, 100% Made in the USA.  For use on Concrete, Stone, Steel and Wood Surfaces.

"Delivers on Every Job You'll Tackle."  You'll Quickly Realize the Strength & Rugged Reliability of this Solid Built Machine:

ˇ  Unbreakable Drive Shaft
ˇ  Triple-Gear Reduction Motor
ˇ  A Virtually Indestructible All-Steel Gearbox
ˇ  Twin AC Capacitor 1.5 HP Motor --- Provides an Incredible Smooth and Easy Machine to Operate
ˇ  Equipped with the Universal 3-Tab Driver for using standard scrub brushes and pads to further enhance the machine's versatility.




Additional FeaturesHigh Torque / Low RPM - 125 lbs., accepts (3) 25 lb. Horseshoe Weight Plates.:

Totally enclosed / dust protected motor handles the harshest of conditions, including dust, moisture and chemicals.

  • Dual steel operating triggers on both sizes of the handle for security, comfort and ease of use

  • Comfortable grip vinyl handle grips

  • Extra HD spring steel cord with strain relief

  • One-piece chrome, HD steel handle w/ adjustable positioning

  • Non-marking 5" rubber wheels &  welded frame for rugged reliability and performance

  • Extra heavy-duty, strong frame makes this machine perfect for Heavy-Duty Grinding, Sanding, Stone and Concrete Care.

Maximum power is obtained from the twin capacitor AC motor & rugged reliability of this Extremely HD, Dependable machine:

  • Operators appreciate the solid performance of this well-built "grinder" that delivers on every job you tackle

  • Consistently providing unsurpassed performance

  • Quite & Smooth Operating ~ You don't even know its on . . .

  • Easy to handle and transport - Always the operator's first choice . . .


SCRUB, CLEAN, STRIP, GRIND, COATINGS REMOVAL -- Versatile machine that is a great choice for schools, libraries, office buildings, super markets, hospitals, apartment hallways, restaurants, and the demanding world of concrete restoration.



Optional Accessories:


Item Number Description Price Ea.


Up to 3 plates may be used.  The weights increase the versatility of the machine, providing the additional weight distribution for effective sanding, stripping, scarifying, stone care and more.


25 lb. Horseshoe Weight Plates. 

25 lb. horseshoe weight plates for the Floor Grinder.

$ 120.00 / plate  
(Included with Machine)



Provides for virtually dust free grinding.  Easily field installation / removal.

Dust shield / splash guard is included with the grinder and it may be used with or without the weight plates.



Combination Dust Shield / Splash Guard

Combination Dust Shield / Splash Guard.

$ 260.00  
(Included with Machine)



Complete with hardware, on/off lever to release solution and solution discharge line.  The solution tank is included and installed on the machine.


4-Gallon Water / Solution Tank.  

4 Gallon Solution Tank.

$ 90.00  
(Included & Installed with Machine)


Water Feed Kit for Garden Hose attachment, complete with attachment hardware.

$ 50.00  


To order & select the various types, sizes and grits of Resin, Semi-Metal and Metal "velcro backed" pads,  < Click Here >

Diamond Pads are used to grind or to lightly sand dull concrete and stone floors into polished surfaces.  Pads are available is a wide assortment of grits (30 - 3000) and diameters (3" - 7"). 

Resin & Semi-Metal Polishing Pads, 3mm - 3", 4", 5", 7" Diameters.


19" Velcro Pad Driver (right).  For use with Velcro Diamond Pads (3mm thickness - left picture).

The entire bottom of the driver is covered with a velcro like material called "Applix".

3" Resin Pads being pressed-on to a 14" velcro pad driver.

The diamond pads stick to the driver via the Applix / Velcro style hook and loop material.  A rubber cushion is also installed within the driver to reduce tearing should uneven floors be encountered (often called, lippage).


Velcro Pad Driver - For use with velcro diamond resin and semi-metal pads.  Used to polish, restore and renew concrete and stone floors.

19" Velcro Full Coverage Pad Driver.


$ 175.00    




Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads

DiamaPads - Advanced diamond technology to clean and polishing floors AT THE SAME TIME.  For information & ordering,  < Click Here >


18" Bristle Pad Driver with Center Lock Nut ---  For use with pads to clean, maintain and polish all types of floor types.

Accepts 19" standard floor pads and our DiamaPads (diamond impregnated pads, picture - left).  

Pad driver is equipped with an extra strong propylene block to hold the clutch plate and riser securely together.


18" Bristle Pad Driver - With center lock nut to not only center the pads but to secure them to the driver.

Bristle Pad Driver w/ Center Lock Nut for Pads.

$ 90.00     



18" Nylon Scrub Brush.  A long lasting synthetic fiber, often used for light to medium duty scrubbing of vinyl, sealed concrete, terrazzo, slate and marble floors.

Nylon offers a greater lifespan than polypropylene scrub brushes with better cleaning action - complete with riser and clutch plate.


Nylon Scrub Brushes.

$ 160.00  




18" Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate:


18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate - uses 4.5" to 7" cup wheels.

18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate accepts any type of cup wheel, resin polishing pad, or carbide scraping chip.

18" Multi-Attachment
Cup Wheel Plate


$940.00          Item No.  FP-18     

18" Multi-Attachment Cup Wheel Plate - Performs HD Concrete Grinding, Light Sanding, Surface Prep, Scarifying, and HD Coating and Rubber Removal.

Grinding Plates, complete with Extra-Wide High-Speed Riser & Universal Clutch Plate.Plate equipped as follows:

  • Universal 3-Tab Clutch Plate
  • Extra Wider Riser for Plate Stability
  • Threaded 5/8-11 Studs (6) for using standard diamond cup wheels and knotted wire brushes
  • Insert Sleeves (12) for using the Carbide Scarifying Cutters to quickly cut through thick coatings, rubber and Ice or to scarify a floor for re-coating.


For use on Concrete, Wood, Steel, Vinyl, Stone.



Grind, Scarify, Clean, Sand, Polish

Remove Hard Acrylic Sealers, Thick Tar, Paint, Rubber, Old Coatings, Sealers, Ice, Oil Stained Wood Floors, etc.

Multi-Use 18" Plate Handles it All!





Plate accepts 3 to 6 Individual Cup Wheels

A wide selections of diamond cup wheels are available to handle any type of Re-Surfacing or Cleaning Project:

Coarse 20 Grit Diamond Cup Wheels.

Coarse & Fine Grit Diamond Cup Wheels

  • Aggressive Grinding using 16 - 30 grit cup wheels

  • Light Sanding (120 grit)

  • Coating Removal

  • Coarse Grit Wheels for Bonding of Coatings and Sealers

Simple System.  Incredible Productivity.

PCD Coatings Removal Cup Wheels, specifically design to remove coatings.

PCD Wheels for Removing Coatings & Sealers

$940.00  $740.00           Item No.  FP-18     $200 Discount + Free Shipping ~  

Receive $200.00 off the 18" Plate plus Receive Free Shipping (even on the 20" Floor Grinder) with purchased of any (20) Diamond Cup Wheels.

Highest of Quality + Consistency ~ ICS Diamond Cup Wheels.DIAMOND CUP WHEELS:  A wide selection of cup wheels are available.

While many wheels may look identical, our wheels are of the highest quality - we know . . . we listen to the sales pitch and we tried the look-a-likes . . . within a week our customers called and asked if we switched vendors . . .

ICS Diamond Cup Wheels - Choose from a wide selection:  Wheels specific for grinding, removing coatings or to remove coatings AND to continue to grind the concrete.


  Sample of ICS Cup Wheels
Coarse 20 Grit Diamond Cup Wheels.

Coarse Grit Diamond Cup Wheels

Rhombus Segment Diamond Cup Wheels - Coatings Removal + Fast Aggressive Concrete Removal.

"R" Rhombus - Segment
Scattered diamond shape segments - Fast, aggressive grinding + light coatings removal.

Fast Removal of Concrete - Coarse 18 Grit

Fastest, Most Aggressive Concrete Removal ~ Strictly for Grinding.
Coatings Removal + Grinding Cup Wheel.

Coatings Removal + Grinding Cups

PCD Coatings Removal Cup Wheels, specifically design to remove coatings.

"PCD" Coatings Removal Cup Wheels

Grinding Cup Wheels - L Segment:  Fastest,  Aggressive Stock Removal.

Concrete Grinding

Assorted styles and types are available.  Each wheel threads onto the plate's six (6) 5/8-11 Threaded Studs or wheels without the threaded hub can be used.

Select from an assortment of wheels . . . ranging from grinding to specialty wheels for removing coatings.  The above "red segment" wheel is offered in various grit sizes, from a fine 120 grit to a 20 coarse grit.  The 20 grit wheel is highly effective to prepare the concrete for bonding of a sealer or a protective coating.

NOTE:  For removing coatings and sealers, the "PCD" Wheel literally chips the material off ~ "No melting, removal rate is incredible." 

To receive the $200.00 Discount on the Plate, select the floor plate at the $740.00 price then click on any of the above cup wheels for detailed information, pricing and ordering.


Grinding Plates, complete with Extra-Wide High-Speed Riser & Universal Clutch Plate.

18" Cup Wheel Floor Plate accepts any type of cup wheel, resin polishing pad, or carbide scraping chip.Versatility / Multi-Function.  The 18" Plate can be used on any standard floor machine with its universal 3-tab clutch plate.


5/8-11 Threaded Studs.  6 included per plate, accepts knotted wire cup brushes and standard diamond cup wheels.With six (6) 5/8-11 Threaded Studs, any type of standard diamond cup wheels, PCD coatings removal wheel, or knotted wire cup brush can be used.  


18" Plate with (6) 5/8-11 Threaded Studs.Each 5/8-11 Threaded Stud includes a Locking Pin & Spring.  The importance of the spring provides constant downward pressure on the floor to help compensate for irregular floor (pad) heights and imperfections in the floor.

Carbide Chips - For Hard and Thick Coatings Removal & Scarifying Concrete Floors.Insert Sleeves - 12 per plate.  The insert sleeves are used to secure the various attachments.

When needing to remove thicker coatings or to scarify the floor, the carbide cutters install into the Insert Sleeves (12).





Optional Accessories:

Accessories & Replacement Attachments

Each 5/8-11 Threaded Stud includes hardware for using all types of wheels and abrasives.5/8-11 Threaded Studs (6) - This attachment is included with the plate.
Each Spring-loaded Stud accepts various types of standard wheels, including:

Diamond cups wheels (with or without the 5/8-11 threaded hub)
Knotted wire cup brushes
Velcro backing pad for diamond polishing pads
Abrasive grinding wheels for use on concrete and steel floors

Each 5/8-11 Threaded Stud Assembly includes a complete assortment of hardware for attaching any type of wheel, cup or brush, even if they don't have a 5/8-11 threaded "hub".


#QC-58STUD Quick-Change Attachment:  5/8-11 Threaded Stud Assembly, complete with retainer, screw, spring, bushings (2).  6 Assemblies / Kit. $170.00 


Carbide Chips - For Hard and Thick Coatings Removal & Scarifying Concrete Floors.High Tensile Tungsten Carbide Cutters & Replacement Chips
Coatings Removal, Scarifying Concrete Floors.
Spring-loaded attachment installs into the twelve (12) Bushings on the plate.

When preparing a surface for a new application, scarification is utilized to remove old concrete, polymer overlays and brittle coatings.  During the scarification process, the rotating carbide cutters slice through the substrate surface to create a surface profile in a stretched pattern.

One of the leading causes of industrial flooring failure is improper preparation of the substrate surface. Removing damaged materials through scarification will ensure proper bonding of the new flooring application.

Coatings Removal.  Shred and Scrapes Various Types of Coatings:  Hard, Soft, Thin, Thick Coatings, Tar, Ice, Rubber, Yellow Safety Paint, Mastics, etc. - without melting the coating . . . working like a putty knife removing at least 90% of the coating.

Scarification.  Scarification works by using the harden cutters to grind or scrape into the floor, they are very effective at grinding high spots and creating a rough finish on the floor for the proper adhesion of a new floor coating.  Scarification generally leaves behind a rough finish and may create ridges in the concrete.  On jobs where you need a smoother finish, you may need to grind the surface after scarifying.  

For information on the diamond and abrasive wheels that compliment the carbide scrappers, see Diamonds / Cup Wheels .

#QG-GC Carbide Scraping / Scarifying Chip Assembly - Complete.
12 each - Includes:  Stud, Chip, Screw, Spring, Locking Pin.
Carbide Chips - For Hard and Thick Coatings Removal & Scarifying Concrete Floors. $600.00 


Replacement Scraping / Scarifying Chip:  
12 each / Kit, 8 Useable Edges per Chip.  Expected Footage:  4,000 sq ft per edge.  Removes coating 1/4" or thinner.


#GP-HW-PS Replacement springs & locking pins.  Priced 12 of each / Kit.Replacement Locking Pin & Spring
12 each / Kit



Replacement Hex Nuts & Locking Washers:  
, 12 each / Kit, 3/4-16 Hex 





- Testimonials -

- What the contractors are saying about the Dust Director 18" Cup Wheel Floor Grinding Plate -

Carpet Glue Removal
- Carbide Grinding Chips -

"After 25 years in the floor covering business, it is a pleasure not to have to get down on all fours with a razor blade scraper.

On the average, the chips will remove 800 square feet of adhesive from a reasonable smooth floor in one hour.

The saving in labor and wear and tear on the human body is incalculable."

Owner, Flooring Contractor, PA


Tough Paint Removal

"We removed some extremely tough paint from a concrete floor.  Using the Severe-Duty Floor Machine and the Grinder Plate with the 12 Carbide Cutters, we completed 720 square feet in 1 hour and 30 minutes."

Removing thinset from a concrete floor to lay ceramic tile

"By hand, a 300 square foot section took 3 men one entire day to remove the thinset.  With the Severe-Duty Floor Machine and Carbide Cutters, it took one man 30 minutes to remove the thinset from another 300 square feet."

Owner, Floor Covering Contractor, Houston, TX



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