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Vacuums  >    Slurry DeWatering  >    Model SV-2000, 2-Motor Slurry Pump-Out Vacuum.


2-Motor Slurry Pump-Out Vacuum


2-Motor 24-Gallon Slurry Vacuum:  Solids are precisely contained, filtered gray water is discharged.

Dust Director SV-2000
2-Motor Slurry Vacuum


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30" Floor Sweep attachment for the 24 Gallon Tank models.$1,600.00      Vacuum the slurry and have the solids or debris contained in the HD & Re-useable Slurry Filter Bag.  Liquids flow from the filter bag, debris is contained, filtered water is discharged by the integrated sump pump.  Depending on your application, the sump pump may be turned off and the 24 gallon collection tank may be allowed to fill, and then discharged at your convenience (A+ for concrete core drilling or with masonry and tile saws.)  Includes a HD Crushproof 1-1/2" x 12' Hose and 16" Squeegee Floor Sweep on wheels.  For increased productivity, the 30" Floor Squeegee may also be used.

Equipped as follows:  24 Gallon HD Polyethylene Ribbed Tank, 110 Volt 2-Stage 1000 Watt 8.5 Amp Motors (x 2), 195 Net CFM, 126" H20, 1-1/2" Inlet Port, 1-1/2"" x 12' HD Crushproof Hose, 2" ID Smooth Vinyl Hose Cuff, Blue Slurry Filter Bag (1), Nozzle Kit with 16" Floor Squeegee on Wheels, Perforated Float Cage, Size:  19.5" x 17" x 38", 57 lbs.

Blue Slurry Containment Bag - HD Nylon / Plastic Coated.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blue Slurry Filter Containment Bag

#SB24 - Fits 24 Gallon Poly Tanks
equipped with 2-1/2" ID Rubber/Vinyl Inlet Port    

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

30" Front Mount Floor Sweep  $290.00  
Easy attachment - Highly recommended ~ Works Great.

HEPA Rated:  99.97% Efficiency @ 0.3 mircon.- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dry Conversion Filter, #T80122K:  $120.00      Converts the SV-2000 into a powerful 2-Motor dry filtration vacuum, complete with HEPA Cartridge Filter & (3)

Clean/Extreme Filter Collection Bag.  HD, cloth filter bag installs into any W/D vacuum, maintains suction performance, collect dry, wet, sharp debris.




The SV-2000 Industrial Vacuum by the Dust Director is a wet vacuum cleaner that allows you to Collect, Separate, Contain, and Return Liquid Material at the same time!

Simultaneously Vacuum & Pump.  Dent, Impact and Corrosion Resistant --- The Dust Director SV-2000 Wet Collection Pump-Out Vacuum allows you to quickly and impressively vacuum and discharge liquids at the same time, allowing for a continuous clean-up operation.

With powerful 2-motor suction, liquids, slurry and even heavy sludge are quickly and impressively vacuumed -- leaving floors dry and ready for immediate traffic.  The simultaneously vacuum and pump-out action allows you to extract and discharged the collected wet waste without having to take time to empty the tank or clean a filter.

The S-2000 Industrial Vacuum by the Dust Director is one of the most durable and dependable portable vacuum cleaners in the market.  And depending on your location, you can always turn-off the pump's automatic pump-out operation and allow the tank to fill;  for discharging at a later time.  And on those occasions, you do not have to worry about overfilling the tank because of the built-in float cage - - - This vacuum can not overfill!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Blue Slurry Bag, installed in the 24 gallon tank.Blue Slurry Filter Collection Bag.  Any solids or fines with the vacuumed liquids is contained in the heavy duty and re-useable Blue Slurry Filter Bag.  With the filter bag's precise micron size, liquids are allowed to flow through the filter bag for an uninterrupted (and productive) flow - pre-mature filling or solidification of the filter bag is avoided because of the precise micron filtration size.

Additionally, with the debris contained, the internal sump pump is left to work efficiently - only pumping liquids.

Vacuum or squeegee all types of debris, from metal shavings, concrete sludge, green moss, foliage from ponds, etc.  With the Blue Slurry Filter Bag, the integrated sump pump is left to operate extremely efficiently - as it will only be discharging gray filtered water . . . for a high efficiency and productive continuous flow, as well as a productive "operational" flow.

Operating together, the durable, high efficient Blue Slurry Filter Collection Bag, the Integrated Sump Pump, the Separator Plate, and the 2-Motor Suction Power, you'll be able to re-use the filtered gray water or have it discharged from the tank up to 100' away.

Removal of the Blue Slurry Bag.  In concrete grinding and polishing, as you progress to the finer diamond grits, the solids within the slurry are minimal.  Likewise, the heavy-weight Blue Slurry Bag is typically only emptied once or twice depending on the volume of fines within the slurry.  To physically remove the oversize bag, detach the bag's rubber gasket from the tank's deflector port, hand wrap to close the bag - squeezing out any excess water (the sump pump will automatically discharge the water), either lift the filter bag from the tank or tilt the tank backwards onto its loop handle and slide the bag from the tank.  Blue Slurry Bags are completely re-useable, easily cleaned, and extremely durable.




While specifically designed for the harsh world of extracting concrete slurry, this compact but powerful, efficient and simply to use machine is also being used with Power Tools, Pond & Swimming Pool Cleaning, Wet Vacuuming, Pressure Washing Cleanup, and in a variety of Manufacturing Applications.


  • For Contractors who use Diamond Core Drills, Masonry & Tile Saws, Grinders.
    In this application:

  • Fill the tank with 10 - 12 gallons of clean water

  • The integrated sump pump will deliver the water from the tank to your tools

  • The vacuum's suction will recover the slurry waste, filter the slurry, contain the cutting, deliver gray, filter water back to your tools

    In this application, the SV-2000 saves you valuable time, labor and water.  With the SV-2000 you have a mobile, self-contained, water supply that lets you reuse filtered water again and again while being environmentally responsible. 

  • For Flooring & Pressure Washing Contractors - Concrete & Stone Polishing, Stripping Floors with Chemicals to Remove Mastics & Grime, Debris from Pressure Washing.
    In this application:

  • Powerful 2-motor suction power impressively vacuums the slurry, leaving floors dry and ready for immediate traffic

  • As the slurry is vacuumed into the tank, the slurry and debris are captured while the filtered water flows into the tank

  • When activated, the integrated sump pump automatically discharges the gray, filtered water from the tank to your clean water container.

In both of these applications, the SV-2000 provides incredible productivity while saving you valuable resources - time, labor and water.  Productivity wise, the precise micron size of the Blue Slurry Bag provides amble collection yields.



  • Portable water supply for power tools -- Saves time with fewer interruptions for refilling water tanks.  Keeps the work site clean and traps slurry for easy waste disposal.

  • Floor vacuum cleaner -- Picks up large volumes of water in a short time from flooded areas, including basements, and pumps it out of the location.  Because of its powerful waterlift, it is ideal for vacuuming liquid waste from containers, pools, outhouses, pipes, etc.  

  • Slurry Vacuum w/ 30" Floor Squeegee attached.Pond and pool cleaning -- Efficiently vacuums foliage, algae and mud. The debris is captured in the porous filter bag as the filtered water is instantly discharged back into the pond or pool (position the discharge hose to the skimmer and the filtered water is filtered again through the pond's filter system.

  • Concrete slurry & pressure washing vacuum -- Achieve high productivity results with the Front Mount 30" Floor Sweep attached ~ sweep and vacuum slurry from floors, removing the slurry before making another pass with your grinder.  The internal sump pump empties the filter gray water from the tank automatically.  Or, unplug the sump pump and discharge the filter water when you want too.  Depending on the grit size, you typically only have to remove the slurry bag at the end of the day. 



  • Rear discharge port.Heavy-duty Polyethylene 24 Gallon Tank -- Structurally ribbed for extremely durability - withstands severe abuse and corrosion resistant for long term durability and professional appearance.  Compact and portable, with a large enough collection capacity . . . The tank is equipped with 3" rubber casters, 8" rubber wheels, push/pull loop handle, 1-1/2" inlet port w/ swivel lock-in hose retainer.

  • Easy Maintenance & Cleaning - Rear of the Tank --  Equipped with assorted quick disconnects for attaching a 3/4" garden hose or 1-1/2" drain hose (both user supplied).  The picture to the right show the 30" Drain Pipe (included) which makes the tank easy to clean for maintaining.

  • Sump Pump - Specifications --  3/4 HP, 7.6 Amp, Float Switch Activated
    - Discharges 48 gallons per minute (13 psi) -

  • 2-Motor Suction Power -- Provides impressive vacuuming performance.  Floors are left completely dry with one pass of the 16" squeegee (included) or with the optional 30" Floor Sweep.

  • Blue Slurry Containment Bag - HD Nylon / Plastic Coated.Blue Slurry Filter Collection Bag -- Precise micron size filters the finest of particles while allowing gray water to flow from the bag and into the tank.  Rugged and durable, the re-useable bag features a HD rubber gasket for attachment to tank's deflector port.  To install, secure the rubber gasket to the tank's 2-1/2" inlet port, fold the bag over the opening of the tank, installed and clamp the motor head.


30" Front Mount Sweep Attachment - Highly recommended attachment.

2-Motor Slurry Extraction / Solids Containment "Pump-Out" Vacuum.The absolute best floor squeegee on the market for concrete slurry and stripping floors with chemicals (instead of using an Auto Scrubber).

30" Floor Squeegee, front blade is completely and easily adjustable (and removeable for transporting).Simple to install onto the 24 gallon tank.  With the vacuum's 2-motor suction power, floors are impressively vacuumed and left dry, ready for immediate traffic.

Squeegee any type of liquid waste including chemicals and mastics during floor stripping.  Sludge or any debris is contained in the Blue Slurry Filter Bag while gray filtered water is contained and easily discharged by the internal sump pump.


Rearview of Pump-Out Vacuum, showing discharge valve, clean-out hose and foot petal for the 30" Front Mount Squeegee.Vacuum Dry Powders:  The blades of the squeegee along with the front bar adjustment feature makes the squeegee incredible at vacuuming dry powders.

Additional Features:

  • Installs onto the 24 gallon tank
  • Fixed middle wheel prevents a suck-down effect from the rubber blades
  • The front arm is completely adjustable by the hand knobs (see picture, above right).  Easily adjust the angle of the blades to the precise position for your slurry, liquid or powder
  • Soft rubber notched front blade directs debris inwards towards the vacuum's suction stream
  • Solid rear blade prevents the debris from escaping, while also ensuring it flows towards the suction stream (debris will not load in-front of the blades and be pushed along . . .)
  • Outside rubber wheels prevent accidental wall scraping

Convenient rear foot pedal raises and lowers the 30" squeegee.The complete assembly includes the convenient Rear Foot Bar to lower and raise the squeegee by your foot (see picture, above right).  In the raised position it locks into the notch in the tank for easy transportation.

Simple installation.  Complete with 2' hose section for connection into the tank's inlet port.  (NOTE:  The middle wheel and hand adjustment knobs are not shown in this older picture.)





Environmental Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors and limits the nature and magnitude of waste products that is allowed to be discharged into the waters of the United States, while local sanitary and sewer authorities set limits for the volume of Suspended Solids (Sludge) and Chemical Composition (pH) of the wastewater that is allowed to be discharged into their local sanitary sewer systems.

Slurry De-Watering Solutions
What To Do with The Discharged Slurry Wastewater?

Once discharged by the Pump-Out Vacuum, the slurry will have to be de-watered to comply with Environmental Regulations.  De-Watering is accomplished by using one or a combination of our Slurry Disposal Products.  

For information on these products see our  < De-Watering Menu > or click on the following two products.


Mudhen Logo - Slurry Compression / Filtration Machines.   Slurry Press Machines (4).

"Waste Water Treatment Plant on Wheels."

Mudhen Slurry Press Portable Machines.Filtering and separating concrete slurry, earth drilling cuttings, dust, ceramic, etc from water has never been easier or more portable.




Extracting concrete slurry from a dumpster.In one step a Mudhen will separate the slurry waste:

Producing clean water (to reuse or to send to drain)

And the dispense compacted solid cakes.



"Mini" - Mudhen Slurry Press Portable Machine.Extract any type of slurry from a large container, 55 gallon drum, even a lake . . .

Four (4) models to choose from ~



How Much Slurry Are You Creating?

You Need a Mudhen When . . .


Slurry Solidify.  Polymer based super absorbent to handle fresh water base slurry (including 10% oil or salt water that may be in the slurry).   Available in 50 lb. bags.

Slurry Solidify - Original. Super Absorbent Polymer.

From slurry waste to solidified "dumpster" disposal.

Shown below being spread and mixed in a concrete slurry container.  

Concrete slurry in a container (dumpster).

Two additional solidification absorbent products are available:  

Slurry Synergy - Universal "one product" granular with super absorbent polymer water crystals.  Will successfully solidify oil based slurries that also includes up to 40% water.

Oil Lock - Absorbent to quickly absorb oil waste that may include 2% water.



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