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Vacuums  >    Slurry DeWatering  >  2-Motor Slurry Separation Vacuum.


2-Motor Slurry Pump-Out Vacuum


Slurry Containment, Separation, Discharge Vacuum

2-Motor 24-Gallon Slurry Vacuum:  Solids are precisely contained, filtered gray water is discharged.

Pricing / Ordering

Wet Extraction - Types of Applications

Features / Components - Four (4) Machines in 1

Environmental Applications
What to do with the vacuumed slurry?
- Additional Products

Maintenance of the Polished Floor
FACT:  Within 1 month any polished surface (including concrete)
will lose its shine if not maintained.
Are you walking away from business?


Powerful 2-Motor Suction  +  Debris & Liquid Separation  +  Containment of the Debris  +  Discharge of Gray, Filtered Liquid (Automatic or Operator Initiated.)


The Dust Director® Water Recycling / Separation System - For Power Tools     Flood Reclamation     Pond/Pool Cleaning     Wet Vacuuming     Pressure Washing Cleanup     Concrete Slurry Extraction     Manufacturing Applications, etc.



Blue Slurry Bag, installed in the 24 gallon tank.Vacuum or Squeegee all types of wet debris:

  • The cuttings or debris is separated and contain
  • Integrated sump pump discharges gray filtered water for a high efficiency, productive system.

Operating together, the durable, high efficient Blue Slurry Filter Collection Bag and Integrated Sump Pump lets you re-use the filtered gray water or have it discharged from the tank up to 100' away.

Removal of Blue Slurry Bag.  In concrete grinding and polishing, as you progress to the finer diamond grits, the solids within the slurry are minimal.  Likewise, the heavy-weight Blue Slurry Bag is typically only emptied once or twice depending on the volume of fines within the slurry.  To physically remove the oversize bag, detach the rubber gasket from the tank's deflector port, hand wrap to close the bag - squeezing out any excess water (the sump pump will automatically discharge the water, tilt the tank backwards onto its loop handle, slide the bag from the tank.  Blue Slurry Bags are re-useable, easily cleaned, and very, very durable.



Compact, Portable ~ 2 Motor Extraction / Pump-Out Vacuum

Extract & contain the solids from any type of slurry, floor or manufacturing project.

  Concrete   Masonry   Asphalt   Metals   Oils   Fluids

Algae   Muck   Dust   Foliage from Ponds & Pools

  Debris from Pressuring Washing  
Green Moss   Concrete   Brick   Oil/Fluids   Paint   Rust   Etc.



Water Recovery Recycling Vacuum - Applications:

  • For Contractors who use Diamond Core Drills, Masonry & Tile Saws, Grinders.
    In this application:

  • Fill the tank with 10 - 12 gallons of clean water

  • The integrated sump pump will deliver the water from the tank to your tools

  • The vacuum's suction will recover the slurry waste, filter the slurry, contain the cutting, deliver gray, filter water back to your tools

    In this application, the SV 2000 saves you valuable time, labor and water.  With the SV 2000 you have a mobile, self-contained, water supply that lets you reuse filtered water again and again while being environmentally responsible. 

  • For Flooring & Pressure Washing Contractors - Concrete & Stone Polishing, Stripping Floors with Chemicals to Remove Mastics & Grime, Debris from Pressure Washing.
    In this application:

  • Powerful 2-motor suction power impressively vacuums the slurry, leaving floors dry and ready for immediate traffic

  • As the slurry is vacuumed into the tank, the slurry and debris are captured while the filtered water flows into the tank

  • When activated, the integrated sump pump automatically discharges the gray, filtered water from the tank to your clean water container.

In both of these applications, the SV 2000 provides incredible productivity while saving you valuable resources - time, labor and water.  Productivity wise, the precise micron size of the filter bag provides amble collection yields.


Four (4) Machines in 1:

  • Portable water supply for power tools -- Saves time with fewer interruptions for refilling water tanks.  Keeps the work site clean and traps slurry for easy waste disposal.

  • Floor vacuum cleaner -- Picks up large volumes of water in a short time from flooded areas, including basements, and pumps it out of the location.  Because of its powerful waterlift, it is ideal for vacuuming liquid waste from containers, pools, outhouses, pipes, etc.  

  • Slurry Vacuum w/ 30" Floor Squeegee attached.Pond and pool cleaning -- Efficiently vacuums foliage, algae and mud. The debris is captured in the porous filter bag as the filtered water is instantly discharged back into the pond or pool (position the discharge hose to the skimmer and the filtered water is filtered again through the pond's filter system.

  • Concrete slurry & pressure washing vacuum -- Achieve high productivity results with the Front Mount 30" Floor Sweep attached ~ sweep and vacuum slurry from floors, removing the slurry before making another pass with your grinder.  The internal sump pump empties the filter gray water from the tank automatically.  Or, unplug the sump pump and discharge the filter water when you want too.  Depending on the grit size, you typically only have to remove the slurry bag at the end of the day. 


Versatile, Compact, High Performance Water Recycling System

--- For Power Tools, Concrete Slurry, Manufacturing, Etc.

  • Blue Slurry Filter Bag.  Slurry, debris, cuttings, etc.  Debris of all types of are contained within the Durable, Re-Useable and Highly Efficient Nylon Filter Bag.  Filtered water flows into the vacuum's tank and can be re-cycled in a continuous loop operation or pumped out the area by the vacuum's internal sump pump.

  • Save Time, Money, Water - Benefits to both the environment and your bottom line.

  • Work Faster  -- A portable water supply, vacuum, and continuous loop water system.  Versus spending time trying to refill or re-blenish the water from portable tanks.

  • Work Cleaner -- The SV 2000 Slurry Containment and Vacuum System Keeps Work Areas Clean and Dry -- You'll spend less time cleaning up.  Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications such as hospitals, office buildings, manufacturing operations, construction, disaster restoration and more.

  • Work Environmentally Friendly -- Slurry is contained in a porous filter bag, allowing for safe, easy and proper waste disposal.


SV 2000 Slurry Vacuum Features:

  • Blue Slurry Bag installed into the 24 Gallon Tank.Integrated Submersible Sump Pump -- Powerful, robust operation has a flow rate of 48 gallons per minute at level and a maximum water lift of 18 feet.  Positioned on the back wall of the tank (opposite the side of the inlet port), a 1/4" aluminum perforated plate (not shown) separates the Blue Slurry Filter Bag from the sump pump.  The perforated plate is used to isolate the sump pump from any interference or obstruction from the filter bag - helping to ensure an efficient and continuous operation.

  • Secure, Reliable Connections -- Two independent outlet plugs, for the sump pump operation and the other one is for the vacuum.

  • Heavy-duty Polyethylene 24 Gallon Tank -- Extremely durable, corrosion resistant, portable, compact and maneuverable.

  • Blue Slurry Containment Bag - HD Nylon / Plastic Coated.2-Motor Suction Power -- Provides impressive vacuuming performance.  Floors are left completely dry with one pass of the 16" squeegee (included) or the optional 30" Floor Sweep.

  • Blue Slurry Filter Collection Bag -- Precise micron size filters the finest of particles while allowing gray water to flow into the tank.  Rugged and durable, the re-useable bag features a HD rubber gasket for attachment to tank's deflector port.  Fold the bag over and outside the tank opening, secured with the motor and and tank.



Environmental Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) monitors and limits the nature and magnitude of waste products that is allowed to be discharged into the waters of the United States, while local sanitary and sewer authorities set limits for the volume of Suspended Solids (Sludge) and Chemical Composition (pH) of the wastewater that is allowed to be discharged into their local sanitary sewer systems.

Slurry De-Watering Solutions
What To Do with The Discharged Slurry Wastewater?

Once discharged by the Pump-Out Vacuum, the slurry will have to be de-watered to comply with Environmental Regulations.  De-Watering is accomplished by using one or a combination of our Slurry Disposal Products.  

For information on these products see our  < De-Watering Menu > or click on our two recommended products.


Mudhen Logo - Slurry Compression / Filtration Machines.   Slurry Press Machines (4).

"Waste Water Treatment Plant on Wheels."

Mudhen Slurry Press Portable Machines.Filtering and separating concrete slurry, earth drilling cuttings, dust, ceramic, etc from water has never been easier or more portable.




Extracting concrete slurry from a dumpster.In one step a Mudhen will separate the slurry waste:

Producing clean water (to reuse or to send to drain)

And the dispense compacted solid cakes.



"Mini" - Mudhen Slurry Press Portable Machine.Extract any type of slurry from a large container, 55 gallon drum, even a lake . . .

Four (4) models to choose from ~



How Much Slurry Are You Creating?

You Need a Mudhen When . . .


Slurry Solidify.  Polymer based super absorbent to handle fresh water base slurry (including 10% oil or salt water that may be in the slurry).   Available in 50 lb. bags.

Slurry Solidify - Original. Super Absorbent Polymer.

From slurry waste to solidified "dumpster" disposal.

Shown below being spread and mixed in a concrete slurry container.  

Concrete slurry in a container (dumpster).

Two additional solidification absorbent products are available:  

Slurry Synergy - Universal "one product" granular with super absorbent polymer water crystals.  Will successfully solidify oil based slurries that also includes up to 40% water.

Oil Lock - Absorbent to quickly absorb oil waste that may include 2% water.


Polished Floor Maintenance

There is a beginning, middle and an end to polishing a floor.  Without a doubt the biggest and most neglected area that concrete polishers are making is "allowing all of your hard work" to be maintained by the store's maintenance personnel or an outside cleaning company.

Gorgeous polished concrete floor (curisity of One Master Solutions).Setting up a cleaning program and knowing which pads and chemicals to use crucial, for the maintenance of a polished concrete or stone floor is nothing like floors that involve waxing (i.e. VCT).

Like your car, regular maintenance keeps it running properly.  A polished floor is no exception - cleaning needs to be done regularly. 

For the concrete floor polisher, walking away from your masterpiece and allowing someone else to profit from it is senseless. 


Periodic Maintenance for a Polished Floor.  Does it work?

Lets define the "problem", it is a fact that any type of polished surface - including concrete and marble - will lose its sheen and clarity in a given amount of time.  This causes the floor to have a dingy appearance and doesn’t have the light reflectivity it once had when originally polished.

One Master spraying desenifier.When a floor is initially polished you can look down at the floor about five feet in front and see a near perfect reflection of the lighting in the ceiling.

When the floor gets worn down from deferred maintenance the reflection of the light bulbs in the floor nearly disappears.  This is especially true in the middle portions of isles, front entry ways, and action alleys.  To aggravate the situation, the sides of the isles where there is no foot or wheel traffic remains in excellent shape.

So why did the polished concrete loose its luster?  Polished concrete is really not much different than a stone product.  It is polished by literally scratching the concrete with finer and finer grits of diamonds.  During the process concrete densifiers are added to aid in the abrasion resistance of the concrete floor.  Some people call these products "hardeners or densifiers".  All of this is important to note because the polished concrete surface loses its sheen the same way it received it - by scratches.

Now that we have an understanding of how polished concrete losses it’s sheen, let’s ensure that it doesn't.  Basically, it comes down to Daily and Periodic Maintenance.

  • Periodic maintenance is doing some "light polishing or burnishing" to rejuvenate the floor as needed.

  • Daily maintenance is done typically "in house" by employees.  Store employees are usually involved in keeping abrasives off the floor by dry mopping and auto scrubbing the floor daily.  It can’t be impressed enough the importance of knowing what chemicals to used as well as keeping track of the "proper" pads being used on the auto scrubber.

    Chemicals that were meant to clean other floor types (such as your garage floor) will literally destroy the appearance of the polished concrete floor because of the chemical and physical change the polished floor went through during the polish phase.  And when pads are used that are way beyond there expected life, instead of gently removing dirt from the floor they are acting like sandpaper.

    This issue is even more common on floors that have been dyed and then further protected with guard or stain sealer products.  How too often do you think or hear, "I'll just clean it with water".  We don't wash our hands with just water so we shouldn't consider cleaning an expensive polished floor neither.

    Soap serves as a surfactant to help pull dirt out of the floor and helps the cleaning pad or mop head glide more easily over the surface.  Many soaps also have a small amount of densifier (the product used to harden the floor while polishing) in them which insures that the floor stays as hard as possible, thus offering more abrasion resistance (i.e. durability.)

    Other soaps are made to work with the protectant that is put on the polished concrete, better known as "guard".  TIP:  With any polished concrete floor you find out what chemical manufacture’s product was used to harden and densify the floor, and stick to their soap program.

    14" High Speed 600 RPM ECS Auto Scrubber.While using the proper soap isn't the saving grace for keeping a floor looking good forever, it is definitely part of the system.  NOTE:  After all of this discuss on using the proper soap, chemicals are relatively inexpensive.  Especially if you use an ECS auto scrubber.  These machines use 80% less water and chemicals than any other scrubber because their brushes and pads are spinning at 600 rpm.  This relatively new "mechanical" approach to scrubbing (versus the traditional 180 rpm) also increases the shine on a polished floor by 3:1!  And because these machines use less water and chemicals, "dumps and refills are a thing of the past" - hence, labor is reduced between 30 and 50%!  For additional information on this type of auto scrubber, see below. 

Periodic maintenance is generally performed by knowledgeable personnel who know and understand the art of a "polished hard floor surface."  Various machines, pads and chemicals are used.  To know the complete process takes skill and knowledge, and more than just being able to operate an auto scrubber.

Typically, the process involves using a couple of finer diamond grit passes and another light application of densifier if needed, followed by an application of stain guard if the floor needs protection from spills.


The Simple and Cost Effective Approach to all of this is our ShineOn Floor System.  

Essentially, the ShineOn System takes you through the complete floor polishing process:  Beginning, Middle and End.  With the Ending process being the bridge that provides the long term shine and performance benefits that you expect from a polished surface.  

With a few selected partners, ICS proudly created the ShineOn System that will not only clean and maintain the floor's shine but it will increase and strengthen it "IN JUST ONE PROCESS."  

With ShineOn Maintenance, floors are swept, scrubbed, cleaned and physically strengthen and polished AT THE SAME TIME.  Using our selective machines, diamonds and chemicals, labor and chemical cost are drastically cut as well as frequent burnishing (you will always need to burnish, at least twice a year for a polished surface.)

For information on the equipment and products in our ShineOn Floor System, please click on the following pictures:


28" 2-Speed 180 & 600 RPM ECS Auto Scrubber.

ECS High Speed Auto Scrubbers

Uses 600 RPM's instead of the traditional 180 to clean and polish a floor at the same time.

Additional Advantages:

· Produces a shine that is 3 times greater vs. using a  standard 180 RPM auto scrubber

· Reduces water & chemical consumption by 80% - 90% vs. a traditional auto scrubber

· By using less water & chemicals you gain considerable productivity time because of less dumping and refilling.  Hence, labor time is reduced by 30% - 50%!


21" Propane Grinder / Burnisher, 2 speeds:  1000 & 1500 Rpm.

21" 2-Speed 1000 & 1500 RPM Propane Grinder / Burnisher

Compact, Highly Productive & Multi-Functional Machine

Performs the 3 Types of Polished Finishes as defined by the Concrete Polishing Association of American (CPAA):

True Grind and Polish.  Under this classification Metal Bond Diamonds in the 16 to 150 grit range are use for heavy grinding.  Then the honing stage begins with resin diamond pads, proceeding in stages to 800 - 3000 grit as a final polishing step.

Resin-Only Polish.  When concrete surfaces are reasonably flat, polishing can begin with semi-metal or straight resin bonded diamond pads.  Using these pads, polishing typically starts at 60 - 80 grit and proceeds to 800 - 3000 grit as a final polishing step.

Topical Polish. Instead of using a heavy weight diamond grinding machine (which typically runs between 400 and 1300 rpm), a high speed burnishing machine with a minimum speed of 1000 rpm's is used with maintenance floor pads that have diamonds embedded into its fibers.


Shine-On impregnated diamond pads with "both" Diamond and Ferron.

Diamond Impregnated Floor Pads.  

Once the floor’s shine has been completed, you can use these pads on a Floor Grinder, Sander, Polisher, Burnisher or Auto Scrubber to daily clean and shine the floor.

With a diamond impregnated floor pads you will be cleaning and polishing the floor at the same time.

Not All Diamond Pads Are Manufactured Equally!

Besides the advantage of the microscopic diamonds that are impregnated into all diamond pads, the Shine-On Diamond Pads are the only ones that also contain Ferron® which is the only substance that can scratch a diamond.

Because of their truly unique structural properties, their cleaning and polishing results - and especially their life - are all substantially greater than any other impregnated pad that only contains diamond ~ Guaranteed.



One Master Chemicals.

One Master Chemicals


Over 30 plus years have been invested into the Restoration, Cleaning, Protection and Maintenance of Brick, Bronze, Canterra, Fiberglass, Flagstone, Glass, Granite, Limestone, Marble, Onynx, Pavers, Polished Concrete, Porcelain, Quartzite, Slate, Stainless Steel, Travertine.

Regardless of the surface location:  Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, High-Rise Buildings, Interior, Exterior, Severe Heat or Freezing Climates.

Detailed Product Information on each Chemical ~ Coming Soon.




Product Specifications, Pricing, Ordering, Accessories.


2-Motor Dust Director® Slurry Vacuum
- 1 Year Motor Head Parts & Labor Warranty -
Rearview of Pump-Out Vacuum, showing discharge valve and clean-out hose.

Rear View (showing discharge valve & clean-out hose)

Slurry Vacuum w/ 30" Floor Squeegee attached.

Shown with 30" Floor Squeegee

Frontview of 2-Motor Slurry Extraction / Pump-Out Vacuum - Complete with hose & 16" floor squeegee.

Front View



Motor Head Specifications

16" Motor Head, 110 volt, 60 Hz, 2-Motors
2-stage, 8.5 Amps, 1000 Watts / Motor

Each motor with its own on/off switch

CFM / Waterlift 195 CFM  /  126" H20
Size / Weight / Tank 18" x 21" x 38" / 85 lbs. (shipping weight)

Extremely durable HD Poly tank will withstands severe abuse and corrosion resistant for long term durability and professional appearance.  Compact and portable, the 24 gallon tank provides a large collection yield.  Tank is equipped with 3" rubber casters, 8" rubber wheels, push/pull loop handle, 1-1/2" inlet port w/ swivel lock-in hose retainer.

Hose Couplings

On the rear of the tank the SV 2000 includes rear discharge Quick Disconnect Fittings, along with a variety of fittings, including an adapter or a 3/4" garden hose and a 1-1/4" drainage hose. 

Sump Pump / Specifications 3/4 HP, 7.6 Amp, Float Switch Activated
- Discharges 48 gallons per minute (13 psi) -
Slurry Vac Sump Pump - Themally Protected Motor.Concrete Slurry Sump Pump

Designed for abusive Concrete Slurry conditions.

After heavy, continuous use the Concrete Slurry Sump Pump continues to discharge heavy sludge from the bottom of the tank (a standard sump pump simply will not last and its performance will quickly diminish - within a week.)



Vacuum Motors, 1 year;  Tank, 3 years.


Price / Ordering

2-Motor Dust Director® Slurry Vacuum

SV 2000


Included accessories:  1-1/ 2" x 10' HD crushproof hose, 16" deluxe floor squeegee on wheels, HD quick disconnects (2) for use with a 3/4" garden hose or 1-1/4" hose (hoses not included), Blue Slurry Filter / Containment Bag.

Blue Slurry Containment Bag - HD Nylon / Plastic Coated.Replacement Blue Slurry Filter Containment Bag

#SB24 - Fits 24 Gallon Poly Tanks
equipped with 2-1/2" ID Rubber/Vinyl Inlet Port    



Accessories - Front Mount 30" Floor Squeegee - Highly recommended for floor use.

2-Motor Slurry Extraction / Solids Containment "Pump-Out" Vacuum. The absolute best floor squeegee on the market for concrete slurry and stripping floors with chemicals (instead of using an Auto Scrubber).  Easily handles any other type of liquid waste.

30" Floor Squeegee, front blade is completely and easily adjustable (and removeable for transporting).Simple to install attachment to the 24 gallon tank.  With the vacuum's 2-motor suction power, floors are impressively vacuumed and left dry, ready for immediate traffic.  Squeegee any type of liquid waste including chemicals and mastics during floor stripping.  Sludge debris is contained in the slurry bag while gray filtered water is separately contained, and easily discharged by the internal sump pump.

Added Bonus:  The blades of the squeegee and the front bar adjustment features make this squeegee the best floor sweep on the market to vacuum dry powders!

Additional Features:

  • Installs onto the 24 gallon tank
  • Fixed middle wheel prevents a suck-down effect from the rubber blades
  • The front arm is completely adjustable by the hand knobs (see picture).  Easily adjust the angle of the blades to the precise position for your slurry, liquid or powder
  • Soft rubber notched front blade directs debris inwards towards the vacuum's suction stream
  • Solid rear blade prevents the debris from escaping, while also ensuring it flows towards the suction stream (debris will not load in-front of the blades and be pushed along . . .)
  • Outside rubber wheels prevent accidental wall scraping

Convenient rear foot pedal raises and lowers the 30" squeegee.Complete assembly includes the convenient Rear Foot Bar to lower and raise the squeegee by your foot.  In the raised position it locks into the notch in the tank for easy transportation.  Simple installation.  Complete with 2' hose section for connection into the tank's inlet port.  (The middle wheel and hand adjustment knobs are not shown in this "old" picture.)

Part No. T80184     $290.00    
Fits 1-1/2" Inlet Port (SV-2000 Slurry Vacuum)


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