Caulking & Joint Sealant Cut-Out Blades

Surface Preparation Tools.

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Joint Sealant Cutter Blade, 4-1/2".

Joint Sealant Removal – Cutter Blade

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Carbide Caulking Cutting Blades

Carbide Caulking Cutting Blades

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12" Professional Wire Wheel. Recessed hub enables the wire wheel to be fastened onto ALL BRANDS of Cut-Off Saws.

Dust Director Professional Grade Wire Wheels

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Fein Super Cut - OscillatingTool

Fein Super Cut

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Cuts through a variety of materials . . . Fairly Fast.

Diamond Glitter Reciprocating Saw Blades

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Joint Sealant Cut-Out Diamond Blades

Slices joint sealant materials from masonry and concrete control joints, while shaving the inside of the joint.

5 & 6″ blades for hand-held grinders.

12″ blade for use on Walk-Behind Saws.

Excellent for cutting-out hard polyurea joint sealants

Glitter Blades

Diamond Brazed Reciprocating Saw Blades.

Excellent for Joint Sealant Removal – cleans the inside of the joint.

FEIN Caulking Cut-Out Tool

Vibrating / Oscillating blade.

Tool accepts a variety of blades to easily slice through hard or soft joint sealant materials.

The recommended tool for cutting-out caulking around window & door frames.

Now With Dust Control.

Carbide Caulk-Cutting Blade

1/4″ wide carbide chips are brazed onto metal blade.

For removing hard joint sealant material from concrete and masonry control joints.

For use on angle grinders and cut-off saws.

Wire Wheels

Professional, USA Quality, High Tensile Wire.

Extremely Long Life.

Used to remove joint sealant material from masonry and concrete control joints.

Excellent for use on soft joint sealant.