Early Entry Elite Diamond Blade for Soff-Cut Saws. Complete with plastic skid plaste (snaps onto saw's metal skid plate) ~ provides a 100% finer, chip-free cut.

Soff-Cut® Diamond Blades



See below for color descriptions.

Early Entry Diamond Blades – for Soff-Cut® Saws

Metal Skid Plate Shield – Replacement

The original diamond blade – Made exclusively for the original inventors of the Soff-Cut® Saws

“No matter how hard you try, you can’t exactly duplicate the original.”

Early Entry Diamond Saw Blades – With the arbor perfectly shaped to install directly onto all of the Soff-Cut® Saws.

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Technical On-Site Support Available

Product Details

Early Entry Elite Diamond Blades . . . The industry’s best value.

  • chartSquare-like arbor installs perfectly onto Soff-Cut® Saws without using any special adaptors
  • Metal Skid Plate: Purchased separately (see pricing below). For use on Soff-Cut® saws to replace worn or existing skid plates.
  • Color-coded blades maximizes life & cutting speed for different aggregate conditions.

The Absolute Guarantee:

  • Longer Footage
  • Faster Cutting
  • Finer, More Precise Cutting

. . . than any other Early Entry Green Concrete Cutting Blade.

Manufactured by the original Manufacturer of the original Soff-Cut® Blades:

  • Original Soff-Cut® Blade Design
  • Original Blade Bonds
  • 20+ Years of Blade Research, Testing & Engineering across the United States
  • Testing & examining the various aggregates through the United States vs. Cutting Speeds & Blade Life.

Now Improved

For Even Longer Footage ~ Guaranteed!

Experience Green Concrete Sawing Perfection . . .

See and Feel the Difference . . .

Smoother, Faster Cutting . . . Longer Blade Life ~ Guaranteed.

ELITE Diamond Saw Blades

NO special Arbor Required: Blades are installed directly onto the Soff-Cut® saw’s proprietary triangular arbor, securely fastened using the saw’s outside blade clamp for simple, hassle-free installation.

For Cutting Perfect Joints in Green Concrete ~ EVERY TIME:

  • No Concrete Spalling
  • No Concrete Chipping
  • No Saw Vibration . . .

Green Concrete Elite Diamond Blades

ELITE Early Entry Green Concrete Cutting Blades

Original Diamond Matrixes for Soff-Cut® Saws

Now . . . Improved for Even Long Blade Life

Early Entry Elite Blade Guarantee:

  • Better Finished Cut
  • Faster Cut
  • Significant Longer Blade Life
  • Fits directly onto the Soff-Cut® Saws’ proprietary triangular arbor . . . without an adaptor . . . secured using the saw’s own blade clamp.

Available for:

  • All Areas – throughout the United States and abroad . . .
  • Aggregate Types . . .
  • Speed-of-Cut . . .
  • Blade Life . . .

Experience Green Concrete Sawing Perfection . . .

. . . with the original Diamond Blade for Soff-Cut® Saws

Provides faster cutting speeds, smoother cutting performance, and long blade life.

For all areas across the United States.

See and feel the difference:

Faster . . . Smoother . . . Longer Blade Life.

  • Testimonials
  • Testimonials

    Better Finish, Much Longer Life ~ Our saws never cut as good . . . and the blades are still going …

    Project Foreman, Concrete Contractor, Pittsburgh, PA

    I have been selling this blade for 10+ years now, and I am still batting 100% in customer satisfaction — Not one complaint or dissatisfied customer.

    Salesman, Sumerfield, FL

  • Color Guide
  • Color Descriptions

    PURPLE – For ultra hard aggregate, non-abrasive sand.
    GREEN – For hard aggregate, non-abrasive sand.
    RED – For medium to hard aggregate, medium abrasive sand.
    ORANGE – For medium aggregate, medium sand.
    YELLOW – For medium to soft aggregate, abrasive sand.

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